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ID: dc78c No. 771

R-20 or R-20 Puni?

I don't know which one to get. I have used about 4 or 5 different onaholes so far, so this wont be my first.

For people who have used both, which ones should I get?

also, does anyone know if there are good anal onaholes on amazon.com (the north american one. this is where i order all my onaholes). It sucks that none of the onahole reviewers NEVER view anal onaholes.

ID: 0d498 No.772

Depends if you want to use the onahole with 1 hand, or 2. And the length of your dick: R-20 is a pretty big piece.

Well, surprisingly there aren't many anal onaholes.. Anal is got really my thing but well yeah Puni Ana DX has anal hole :) many round-hole onaholes can be seen as anal holes too, just like R-20's

ID: b26c2 No.773

Well here's a question, what do you want out of an "anal" onahole? You may find an onahole that doesn't necessarily advertise itself as "anal" has what you want.

ID: dc78c No.774

File: 1436236933389.jpg (207.61 KB, 918x1280, tumblr_nil8ziGPkF1u5bldeo1….jpg, io e g t)

I want one that simulates "tight" anal. Maybe something like Virgin Age Admission (hard version) type of tightness. I have that one and like the feel of it, but I prefer another vaginal onahole that isn't so tight/small. I usually pretend it's an anal onahole when using it sometimes, but it doesn't feel like anal to me so i usually just give up and imagine it's a repressed religious girl whose father will be home soon. (don't ask).

I'm really into futa and traps. I've tried Doctor Anal despite bad reviews and it was terrible. I used it like once or twice before thowing it away. It was extremely soft.

I've ordered the R-20 which I've already been meaning to do because it's high ratings. Hearing that it's considered an anal onahole made me go ahead and order it on amazon.I went with the regular one instead of the Puni. The virgin age is already almost too tight/small, so it'll be nice to have another onahole. If it doesn't work out, I'll probably wait until it's worn out and try a different one. Maybe just get a hip

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