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ID: 5b259 No. 775

I've been going around looking for a nice 30 dollar ish onahole and have settled on the Kokomi Naruse +. Iv'e seen some other onaholes in the same price range, but they don't have much information on them. Any more reccomendations?

ID: cbb83 No.776

My opinion about Kokomi Naruse:
- pretty short in length, and very tinny wall at the end, so my got ripped fast
- is tight, but the inner texture looks more interesting on the picture, then in the job.
- suction is weak, and small entrance hole
Would not buy in the past, if I know that facts

ID: a80da No.777

Ya got any recommendations?

ID: cbb83 No.778

if you provide more data (your size, expectations, preferences), I could give some

ID: a80da No.779

nothing too grandiose. I'm about 5 and a half. I guess I would be looking for something that is realistically styled. Something durable and easily cleaned I guess, so I don't think dual layers would be necessary. Anything within the 30-40 price range would be awesome.

ID: cbb83 No.780

The term "realistically" in relate to onahole's internal shape doesn't have much connection to the real structure of the body, nor anal, nor vaginal type: you can look at this picture ( http://www.cancer.gov/images/cdr/live/CDR609924.jpg ) and then compare it with the cross sections of the most holes on the market. There's big difference, right?
So, what parameters must be considered to create the highest degree of "realness", that onahole can provide. In my opinion, that are: density of the material close to human flesh, ability to hold the temperature (a USB warmer is a must have). The type of lube is very important too.
Looking at the size you have provided and the concepts above:
Anal type

Vaginal type:

ID: a80da No.781

Ah, this is awesome. Holy, thanks! I guess I would just be wondering about lube then. I see a lot of people either recommending stuff like pepee or astroglide. One guy even said to do a 50/50 water and cvs jelly mix!

ID: cbb83 No.782

I've never used astroglide, so can't say anything about it. Pepee has a good viscosity, and is a good choice, with one exception(!). Most of the japanese lubes consist this agent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyacrylic_acid , actually it's the main component. Before to use, it's highly recommended to test yourself for skin irritation simply adjusting a small amount of lube on your wrist and see if it gets red or something on the next day.
I've passed this test with no problems, BUT the regular use of polyacrylic lubes (and I've often practiced not washing the lube immediately after the act) get me allergic for most lubes on the market. So you must be careful with it, not use it several times a day and wash yourself after each use.

ID: df77c No.794

I would be a little bit wary with Astroglide. That's what I used when I started out, but I noticed that it irritated my penis - I would develop these tiny pinpricks of red, not bleeding but just red, especially when I masturbated frequently or roughly.

It might be just due to the viscosity: I get a similar but lesser effect when I use Lovely Girl's Drool, which is also very thin and slippery. That being said, if it's not too inconvenient, I would recommend getting a lotion specifically made for onaholes, just in case. Or use whatever's convenient but just make sure to check your penis for any potential irritation.

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