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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy the Puni Hole DX but I can't decide between the normal and hard versions. My two main concerns are:

+Tenderness of material (Whether the hard version is too hard. I can't last long with my Virgin Age: Admission because it's too tight for me so I'm afraid the hard material might not let me enjoy the toy as long as I would have liked).

So please do kindly give your personal thoughts on the two above factors.

ID: 134ef No.793

This might not be very helpful, but for what it's worth, here are the two corresponding video reviews on Onahodouga:


The original is rated 4 stars, 3/5 stimulation, while the Hard is rated 3 stars, 4/5 stimulation. So as expected, it's harder/more stimulating, but maybe too hard. Appearance-wise, they look almost identical; the hard version is maybe very slightly darker in color.

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