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ID: 5bd64 No. 802

Long time Puni Ana DX user here, looking for advice on the Puni or possibly an upgrade.

I've had my Puni for over a year and have fucked her silly almost nightly. What I loved about the Puni though was that it was good for nearly every position, and it LOOKED really good. I also really loved that it had an exit hole which allowed me to reach into the other end and really give it a good scrub when cleaning.

However, I think the material might just be a bit too firm, and a bit too tight. Because sometimes, my dick would get sore and the skin would have small tears after a prolonged session. Is there anything I can do to fix this? In case it matters, my current lube is Peace's and I've tried it as is, as well as watered down. I have also tried spraying water onto my dick to re-activate but with the same results.

I've done a bit of shopping around and based on onaho.net, it appears Sultry Namagoshi has softer material, is looser than the Puni. I get the feeling this is a potential solution to my problem, if nothing else works.

However, one huge thing bothers me: no exit hole. It also has a "womb" kinda thing at the end so how the hell are you supposed to clean that?

ID: 73ad8 No.803

It's too loose, don't buy it. For a realistic hip, buy The Athlete. It looks like the Kiwami, but the Kiwami is loose like the Namagoshi. The Athlete is tight like the Puni Dx. This is most suitably for those preferring a high quality and simulating vaginal hole.

ID: d1e22 No.819

Athlete is 350€ at NLS, you can buy a Meiki Plush 2.0 and a high class onahole for that price.

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