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ID: ee970 No. 805

Based on Touchan's Guide,

Saving Money with NLS and conversion rates:
1) Go to cart settings on checkout
2) Select Japanese Yen for currency
3) Watch prices drop
4) Click other conversion options on Paypal
5) Don't Use Paypal's conversion unless your bank gives you a bad rate.

How exactly does this work?
I go to paypal's manage currencies and convert usd to japanese yen?
And how can I do this with a debit card?

ID: 6d709 No.806

No. On NLS, select currency JPY.
But use your debit/credit card, not your Paypal wallet: Paypal's conversion rate is ridiculously bad. The rate of your bank sending out JPY is usually better.

That is why prices in USD on NLS are higher: they compensate Paypal's conversion fees into the price.

ID: ee970 No.807

I can just straight up using my bank of america debit credit card to buy stuff on NLS? They will automatically convert my USD to JPY?

ID: 6d709 No.808

If your bank account can, yes.

ID: b2b66 No.811

If you undo a transaction, PayPal does not simply undo it. They charge you for currency conversion twice!

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