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ID: 04d70 No. 81

Guys, I bought the following three items.

I've read the blog's review that the first one is good, but can anyone suggest me the other two?

ID: 04d70 No.82

And also, what's the best one that you guys can recommend

ID: 04d70 No.83

I usually don't think much about Tamatoys onaholes, if I can put it this way: "they do parodies, not sex toys" :) And they seem pretty similar.

The best one ? That's really up to you about what kind of stimulation you're looking for. Test yourself out with tight, soft, intense or "sucking" ones to find out what you like the best, and when :)

ID: 04d70 No.84

So, the two parodies, 99.999% of the time they suck?

ID: 04d70 No.85

I didn't own enough parodies to do real stats, but they usually are one (or more) quality levels below "real" onaholes released at the same time, at some exceptions.

Unless you love and need the packaging, they're not worth the money :)

ID: 04d70 No.116

I have that last one, its rather tight and its got a ribbed structure which is somewhat boring. That second one is very similar to the last one. (As with most of TamaToys' products. The "best" one is the first one. Dual layer from Magic Eyes is quite enjoyable. Beware the material of that last one, the color tends to "stick" to other onaholes. I would advise you to change your last two items, but its too late now since you already bought it. Don't worry about it too much though, since you can at least collect the boxart.

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