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Live in Norway so im wondering about shipping costs as well.
Also any recomendations? I have some experience with a mouth masturbator that was on sale. Getting a hole in that one tho. 15 cm size, so im worried about the ones i see that says 13 cm inside.
TLDR: Shipping costs. First onahole recomendations. Thanks!

ID: b6bfc No.816

Oh size is not a major issue usually, onaholes are stretchable and you don't have to go balls-deep inside to enjoy :)

To Europe shipping is quite costy, but the most expensive is South America. You way want to choose ePacket (SAL) shipping if you don't mind waiting 2-6 weeks until delivery. With EMS shipping, the shipping costs amount almost as much as the actual products.

Buying from shop inside Europe makes not really sense, costs with Omochadreams are like SAL shipping from Japan (WTF ?!). Unless you buy 150 € worth of stuff on Omochadreams to have free shipping. On MotsuToys shipping to Norway is a wallet rape. Because of customs taxes ? Oh come on, join the EU already ! :D

For a beginner choose 2 or 3 different onaholes with different internal structures, so you can find out what you like the most :) Onaholes made by ToysHeart, G-Project/PPP and Magic Eyes are usually great choice so have a look at their stuff !

ID: 1b59e No.818

Thanks! very informative answer.
Waiting is not an issue so i will see how SAL shipping goes. I will make my first purchase next week after payday!.
Thanks again for great reply.

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