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I decided to give a onahole a try, worst that can happen is I don't like and I will end up htrowing it out. This is the very first one and have never really looked into using one, so can you guys (or maybe gals) give me advice on using it, cleaning, keeping it smelling okay, etc.

ID: 0a70e No.823

I recommend the guide from OmochaDreams :) https://blog.onahole.eu/about#start

ID: 541f2 No.824

Thanks. Just one question, I've done a quick read and it doesn't actually say where I put the lube and how much? Do I lube my penis or do I put (for example) a teaspoons worth into the onahole, do I leave it at that or do I shake it?

ID: 0a70e No.825

It actually depends on the onahole. Most of the time, I simply put a drop on the tip of my penis, and a little bit less than a teaspoon-worth at the entrance of the onahole.

After a few slow in-out, the lube should properly cover the inner walls and allow the fun :)

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