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So my onahole adventure started when I went to Japan and bought a Tenga Deep Throat Cup. When I got back to my country, I researched the various products out there for a wider view of the market. I've since used multiple products by Magic Eyes; Mouth of Truth and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I was kind of underwhelmed by both. I've grown to like the Mouth of Truth more after using it a fair amount, and Lolinco less. Neither feels nearly as good as the Deep Throat Cup did.

I'm now looking for something that feels better. Here are some of the things I enjoyed about the Deep Throat Cup:
It was damn tight (I bought the original version, not the US model, and I really liked how it felt "too small" for me)
The suction was very good
It felt much squishier than either of the Magic Eyes holes I've used, and I liked that.

The trouble is that I don't want to buy more Tenga holes because the reusable ones are terribly overpriced and wacky, and I don't like the idea of disposable onaholes as a daily masturbation solution. After using two holes with no/lacking vacuum pressure, and one with great vacuum pressure, I've determined that suction is something I value in an onahole. The hard shell of the Tenga also really helped prevent the onahole's form from yielding and created a lot of resistance and great tightness. I find that the exterior layers of the Mouth of Truth and Lolinco are far too thin and malleable to allow the onahole to really squeeze my dick. So you could say I'm looking for an onahole that's soft and squishy on the inside, provides great suction, is super tight with some strong resistance, and squeezes down hard.

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