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Hello everyone! I'm thinking of buying myself a …toy. I'm not really familiar with Onaholes, but as far as the experience goes with other similar "toys", I've owned one about a year ago (weird Fleshlight Sex In Can Thing) and I wasn't exactly pleased with it, it did what it was supposed to "do", but I couldn't feel any texture and it was pretty monotonous (plus it got really sticky and smelly even after using all the correct lubes and after cleaning). So there's that.

Either way, I'm looking for something stimulating, with interesting & intense texture, tightness (not too much, not too little) and a decent suction (I kinda liked when it made this gloppy sound :) ) Also, the cervix chamber would be nice.
Currently I'm looking at Seventeen Bordeaux, it has generally positive reviews, but maybe there's something better?

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