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ID: ab729 No. 835

Do I reallllly have to wash all six of them first?

ID: ab729 No.836

File: 1442281965974.jpg (320.1 KB, 1270x952, Difference.jpg, io e g t)

And for those curious, here's one difference between the old Lolinco and the new one.

I've owned the old one before, bought it again cuz I was pretty rough with it I think…

ID: d8276 No.838

Well, I don't think you'll have a medical issue if you use it right out of the box, but you should really wash it to make sure there's no dust and leftovers from the fabric :)

ID: 92f30 No.839

Thought about getting the Tubomi, thoughts?

ID: ab729 No.842

Well, after using it…

It looks great! You don't grip it with your entire hand like a regular onahole, but there's 2 "flaps" on each side you hold.

As for its feeling? Decent, I suppose. Not what I was expecting.

ID: a9424 No.858

File: 1444000459051.jpg (8.57 KB, 143x400, hanya_c copy.jpg, io e g t)

Wanzer (and others)….Tubomi is a "pillow hole"…it's meant to be laid on a surface (the "pillow" refers to dakimakura, or body pillows (aka "hugging pillow"). Dakimakura pillow covers are plentiful, if somewhat expensive; but they often depict anime/manga characters in various states of dress/undress. Point is, you lay the onahole on a dakimakura with your favorite character naked and then you have sex with the pillow, not holding it in your hands. "Missionary style", if you catch my drift.

ID: 4ffed No.873

Can you fuck Tubomi hands-free if you lay it on a pillow?

ID: 4ffed No.874

*sigh* didn't see the end of your post zhenya. I wanted to get the Tubomi because of the looks, but I was afraid it was too light-weight to fuck hands-free.

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