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I'm looking for a new onahole after my previous few broke. I've had them for almost 4-6 months each and they pretty much died (Rest In Peace). I was pretty happy with the ones I had previously: Virgin Age Admission, My Big Brother is Stupid (I forgot the name), Laboratory Girl and a guchumon pocket edition. I've a small penis, but the ones I've mentioned have all been great and they didn't feel like sticking my dick into a cavern. So I was wondering, any new or up and coming onahole of around the same internal length of 10-13cm. I'm seeing new onahole of 19cm and I'm quite afraid they'll just start making these larger ones and ignore the smaller ones. If anyone could give me a recommendation, that'd be great! BTW AFAIK price shouldn't be a problem since I'm only after 1 or 2, though try to keep each suggestion below $100 AUD (roughly $70USD) since AUD conversion is not so great right now.

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