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Hello. I own a few onaholes and they are all highly stimulating. I want something which I can take my time and enjoy the texture rather than crashing into a sudden climax. I don't mind price, anything that is durable and less stimulating. more realistic moderate stimulation. I hear the meiki models are okay and the Julia Onahole. Any recommendations? : ) Thank you.

ID: c0a5a No.846

I would suggest Virgin Age Graduation. It's a quite comfortable onahole that just feels good to use. It's like the onahole I choose when I think "Hmm, I'm gonna relax and really enjoy myself for a while"

ID: 673b1 No.856

Nurses CQ insert is a fairly new one that just came out with little stimulation. It's realistic and has a womb chamber for suction. Very soft doesn't ever hurt your dick

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