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So I'm living in that place you see in the picture right now, and I figured, "hey, since I'm in Japan, I shouldn't have to buy my onaholes online anymore, right?" the trouble is I can't read shit in japanese because of all the damn chinese they got all up in the written language, and it's making it hard for me to find a place in Sapporo that sells sex toys. I'm worried I'll run out of lube before I learn enough kanji to find an adult shop. Any advice? Maybe someone knows the name of a chain they have here?

P.S. I checked they don't have love merci in sapporo.

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"onahole" is オナホール, but you won't find a signboard with that written on it directly on the street ^^ Shops selling sextoys and adult stuff must be registered as such, and are often in the backside of "wellness and relaxation" shops or on Nth floors of really random-looking buildings. If you don't know the address beforehand, you'll pass by it for sure.

The few "brick and mortar" shops I heard of are in Tokyo, including Love Merci. You can try randomly googling アダルト (adult) shops in 札幌市 Sapporo and take a look if they sell what you need, but Amazon Japan will remain much much cheaper.

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