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ID: dc880 No. 849

There is two hips that I have a hard time to decide between. What is your opinion on which one is better; the Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Onahole or the magic eyes wonder ring poco pen?

ID: 16647 No.852

I just got my new poco pen today lol, i haven't tried the other hip but I will tell you about my experience with poco pen. So first things first it's about the size of a primary school girls hip ( sounds super fucked up when you think about it but I guess apart of being a lolicon is that you keep anime and real life separate ). the way it looks is really arousing, I didn't even need porn to get hard from it on my second use, but let's talk about my first use. Idk why bet when ever I get a new hole I always can't get it up and I have to read about 10 pages of hentai to get erect. While I had a softy I decided I might aswell put my member in it in the riding position, boy was I wrong, nearly broke my dick off trying to fuck this thing. The vag is very stimulating so I wouldn't retaken banging it without a raging boner. After I harder I quickly realised that you really don't want to have this thing riding you while the vag is facing you, so I flipped it around. INSTANT NIRVANA, it's like this thing was made to be fucked from behind, your dick curves up and you feel everything ( the vagina is very stimulating ). After that session I rested for a bit and tried the anal hole, it was also fucking amazing, from all positions. Ended up going ham on it. After that session I realised that there was a tear in the anus whole, I'm not sure it it was suppose to be like that but so far I have stretched it and it seems to have just ajusted to my size. Overall I would say that the anal whole is all round good but the vag is sorta weird, it felt amazing from the back but it really hurt from the front, I think that it should really shine standing up which I haven't tried yet, also I find that it is very small which also hinders the rider position ( 2.5 kg on your dick and the hole is too small = pain) but still I really like the great stimulation from the vag. I've seen most reviews and I have to say the vag is a mixed bag, it's not horrible but you need to fuck it right. Besides that people speak wonders of the anal hole. Cleaning sorta sucks since I don't have something that can clean inside ( been using my finders with a sock around it to get water out ) . Definatly a 9 to 9.5 I haven't found the perfect position yet and it's also my first hip so I might just be my fault but I would definatly buy this, and hey if people say the other one is better I would still say think about getting this later on as its a must have for loli hip fans

ID: dc880 No.853

Well I brought a hip before. It wasn't a good one. The hole rip on the inside, and the lips said to break. It only last me 4 months. So research is very important when buying these kind of things. From the research I did toy heart toys aren't very good. People said, "go with exe or magic eye." So I did. I wanted to go with a hip that will last a 3 to 4 years. I look at exe hips, but they have flush holes which is easy to clean, but very messy when you let it all out. So I did a lot of research. Took me a month to find these two. These two have the highest ranking under $200. They are about the same size. The poco pen has fake bone from being the second toy by magic eye. The first one being Moe Body. Poco pen just came out no too long ago. As for the other one, from other websites almost 100% 5 stars. So I said it's comes down a inch wider or 2ish inch taller with small boobs. So whoever reading this, it really comes down with that on which one you like. It's only a $10s difference on amazon. The mini rips on the poco pen is nice what I have read. And as for the other one it has an anal flap that's opens and close which is nice. So I was going back and forth on which one for a week. Then I end up buying the kupa Cocolo. I just hope that it will last me 3 to 4 years. And one more thing people said their kupa Cocolo hasn't rip at all, so that a pro to kupa cocolo.

ID: dc880 No.854

I'm typing on my phone sorry for the auto correct thing. The lips broke on the outside I was trying to say. Sorry for that.

ID: f7f4a No.855

Yea, I'm expecting poco pen to last for awhile too, if you ever have hip money again you definitely get poco some day, you can never have too many holes, especially hips

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