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ID: cecb2 No. 86

Guys, would you spend 100+ on this onahole? I present to you NLS' newest release: Open my pussy -Cocolo-

ID: cecb2 No.88

I was looking at it the other day, and was tempted to get it. However, for me, it is too risky to go through customs. I'll need to see some reviews and wait for toydemon or queencat to get some in stock.

ID: cecb2 No.90

I must say, the valve system is interesting. On a pure "price/weight" ratio, it's okay. But yeah it's so heavy I don't even want to imagine what it would get to ship it overseas.

ID: cecb2 No.91

wow… that would be about 45€ / 60$ just for the EMS shipping, depending on your country.
That's just crazy

ID: cecb2 No.111

I've ordered this along with other goods. They're in custom now.

Shipping+duties make the purchase 100% more expensive.

Cocolo is known for hard to clean. Also, it's like a 2 hands hole and not a hip.

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