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Puni Ana SPDX (ぷにあなSPDX)

Hello there. First off I just want to say that Otonajp.com has great customer service and offer you all the security you need when it comes to discreet shipping. I am very happy with my order and I would totally order from them again. Ok so let's get to the thing we really care about. They are obviously going for a realistic texture for both openings. The vaginal canal has a nice medium stimulation. I thought it would be tighter. If you are suffering from deathgrip syndrome then you might be underwhelmed at first. The anal is a more snug fit as expected. However what makes this toy so great is that you are not just sticking your dick in a rubber sleeve. The inner skeleton core is simply a wonderful thing! It makes her very easy to hold and move around since she is not flopping all over the place. The weight is a big plus too. If you place her the right way, you are able to do some handsfree action. Her skin is very soft and very bouncy. Especially her ass. You can have endless of fun if you are into spanking or juggling with a small torso.
It's alot of fun to just feel her up, as a creep, when you are laying down relaxing. You will most likely endup banging her again though. I kinda wish she had a head so I could put catears on her and buy one of those furry buttplugs. You could have your own mutilated neko fuckslave. Oh well. It is still a great toy. Cleanup is easy too. The vagina and anal canals are connected so just flush her out. I would highly recommend it to all you loli lovers and general creeps. 5/5 faps.
Have a good one.

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I desperately want one, but it seems like quite the big investment to buy and ship…

Does it work well with clothes, like gym tights?

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