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ID: 641de No. 1

The first thread is mine ! :)
Let's see how things are going.

ID: 641de No.2

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I'm hungry.

ID: 641de No.3

Hey! This is interesting, onahole boards. I hope we get some useful info here.

ID: 641de No.4

What is the random board for?

ID: 641de No.5

File: 1371540741587.jpg (20.78 KB, 500x368, 241.jpg, io e g t)

Everything that doesn't belong in another board :)

ID: 641de No.7

Easy to use, easy to moderate too, light and fast :)

>and free

ID: 641de No.8

Why my messages getting deleted without reason ? -.-

ID: 641de No.9

Nothing in the logs. Maybe the server caching. You have details ?

ID: 641de No.14

This is a random test.

ID: 641de No.15


ID: 641de No.16


lame …

ID: 641de No.17

They don't really dissapear ,it seem when i post they don't appear "right now" but a few hours later i don't know why <.<

ID: 641de No.18

Yes that's the server cache, because it's plain HTML, the server does some aggressive caching. I can't avoid it :(

I'll add a notice, so users don't have to wonder if their post isn't shown immediately (but in any case the post is successfully recorded).

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