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ID: dffe4 No. 10

I'm moving my "answers for googlers" here for easier following and searching.

Short explanation: while Google is by far the most used search engine, Google isn't able to perfectly respond to user requests: sometimes users are directed to websites who don't directly answer their request.

But sometimes I also see pretty funny requests.

"Answers for googlers" helps getting a real answer to requests, and/or have fun commenting the keywords. Of course it's open to everybody, I don't have an answer to everything :)

Keywords are in normal text, and answers/comments in greentext (prepend lines with the ">" sign)

ID: dffe4 No.11

*** batch 1: March 29, 2013

put a hole through a dakimura
>I think this means cutting a hole in the illustrated sheet ? Seems a bad idea, dakimakura will rip open. And cutting a hole in a daki is sad anyway…

how to use a onahole
> http://blog.onahole.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/1_1334728569_4_AEaoj-87x150.jpg

onahole feeling sticky after washing / caring for my onahole
>Depending on the material, the onahole is “sweating” a bit, getting lightly oily (I said lightly, it should never be dripping wet). Nothing to worry about. To keep it’s surface smooth, put some baby powder (talc) on it (a nice method described by Toydemon is to put the onahole in a plastic bag with powder in it, close the bag and shake it: the onahole is easily and evenly powdered). Keep onahole in dry and airy place, not exposed to the sun, a good buy is the toy bag.

buying dakimakura in japan
>That’s a tricky one. “Real” dakimakuras are made with limited stock, often they are pre-ordered months before and limited for sale in Japan. And they are expensive. The other option is to buy a copy, often from China, available anytime and for cheap. But that’s often in another quality league.

are onaholes good
>Some are, some others aren’t. That’s why I made this blog :D

how sexy is using the tenga 3d
>How sexy ? Whatcha mean ? :) Tenga 3D sure are a right good quality and novelty, but they don’t reproduce a girl’s vagina right ?

onahole amount of lube
>Hard to tell for sure, depends on onahole. Start with a little bit, check by using, if you feel it doesn’t glide well then add a little more. Too much lube has very negative effect on stimulation, because you just can’t enjoy the internal structures.

licking an onahole
>Oh my :D If the onahole is very clean and if the material of the onahole is “medical-environment” compatible, then yes you may lick it. The taste may be not that great I think, I’m not sure I want to check this out myself. Not quite meant for cunnilingus.

can i bring an onahole in the shower
>Yes, so you don’t have to worry if you do a mess with the lube. Because yes, you should not use shower gel, and using liquid soap may hurt you if it gets inside your urethra. And if you can watch porn while doing your business, that’s even better.

ever buy a onahole for jlist
>Did I ever buy an onahole for J-List ? Nope, and I’m not exactly sure if Peter Payne’s into it since he got wife and kids at home ;) Ah, you meant {from J-List} ? That’s a yes, they don’t have the best price but they do have the best website with the most various products. Recommended choice for newbies and otakus :)

loving an onahole
>Is it possible to fall in love in a onahole ? Dunno. We already saw a man marry a video game character, so why not… we didn’t found any limit to human’s weirdness yet.

boy onahole
>There are “trap” onaholes too ! (J-List sold one a few time ago)

what is the best ona hole
>The one with the right lube that feels good for hours while you watch your favorite porn, leading to the orgasm of the “force of a thousand suns”. Size, weight, shape, usage, context, material, mood,.. there are so many factors ! That’s why you should read all reviews as “the reviewer thinks this” and not “the onahole is like this”.

should i buy an onahole
>Asking this to Google is just soooo cute ^.^ Let me answer this with a “yes”, just take appropriate precautions for cleaning, storing, using,.. :)

ID: dffe4 No.12

*** batch 2: May 6, 2013

whats the best onahole on j-list.com
>From the few remaining I know, Open my pussy Roa.

how to have more fun with an ona hole
>There are various ways to further improve the experience: better lube, warming it up, taking your time, wearing a pantsu on your head with scent spray, putting it in a blow-up doll or hip, use it with a dakimakura… or have someone to stroke for you while you’re blindfolded. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to take it in her mouth ? Suggest her to do 69 but with she using an onahole on you while you can freely watch and lick her pussy. Just dive as deep as your imagination drives you as long as it’s safe and legal.

good ona hole japan
>good has yet to be defined, if you want a quick overview of my ratings then let Google help you.

onaholes that dont look like
>Onaholes that don’t look like… onaholes ? Here :) http://blog.onahole.eu/tenga-3d/

ups ona hole will they open paxkage?
>UPS (or any other shipping company) opening the box ? Actually, if I were American, that wouldn’t be my first concern :D Come on: UPS’ and FedEx’ people dropping throwing the box to your door, leaving it there even if you were waiting inside or gone shopping or whatever… Did you know ? In most European countries, the shipping service comes ringing/knocking at your door to give it safely to you, and if you’re not there then you can pick the parcel in the local post office mostly the same day ;) If the shipping company in America does that kind of behavior in front of the customer, I don’t even want to know what the fuck happens to your parcel during the rest of the shipping.

>Anyway let’s consider America for what it is: a technologically advanced country with great and irrational fear of terrorists. The package certainly won’t be opened, but that doesn’t mean the content isn’t checked: X-ray, drugs and explosive -finding dogs, document checkup, and maybe recording in a database (helpful to find out people who do small and multiple import to escape taxes ?). The package content isn’t any more secret than your cellphone and internet browsing history, thanks 9/11 but also thanks to you, who didn’t oppose to this privacy-destroying measures. Does UPS do give a fuck about customer privacy ? I doubt so.

does onahole feel good?
>When it’s good, it feels good.

sex with onaholes videos
>Still pretty uncommon, but I sometimes found porn including Fleshlight (most of the time, BDSM porn). Just give it some time to spread, or… make your own porn with onaholes ? ;)

how do you use the onahole?
>Get boner, lube, insert, stroke, cum, clean. Can’t get it more straight.

how to make a onahole
>There are some recipes on the internet, like the corn-starch-gelatin onahole: did try, epic fail. That was shortly before my first “real” onaholes. Nowadays if you don’t have the stuff to make a proper thermoplastic-elastomer onahole, don’t expect anything great.

good dakimakura inner stuff
>That’s something I wanna know before buying my first cover. I do know inner stuff by Cospa is best, but I hardly know any other maker… and I don’t know where to get it for cheap and/or reliably. Suggestions welcome :)

amiami onahole
>They don’t seem to have that… yet ?

best dakimakura for sex
>A daki from a character you really like, I guess ? :(

bitcoin for sex toys
>Well even if NLS didn’t seem very interested for now, Paypal is showing increasing interest for this crypto-currency. Meaning if Paypal allows you to pay anything using your Bitcoins, you would be able to get your onaholes like this. In fact, using Paypal as middleman kinda narrows down key benefits of Bitcoin (no central authority). (and yes the anonymous yet traceable nature of Bitcoin could guarantee you that I use your donations to buy onaholes from a given merchant -easier and safer than Dollars and Euros, right ?)

child pussy onahole
>… and yes, Google really returns my blog as first result. In fact, Google transforms “child” into “baby” , and this points out to Baby-faced Green-ass Teacher Hina. Glad to see this isn’t exactly what googler was probably looking for.

do you have a dakimakura
>There’s always this question in my head: did actually the googler asked that to Google like if it were an answer engine like Wolfram Alpha ? Sure they do work on it, but for now the best you can expect is an employee at Google mail to you that yes, he does have one. Instead the googler ends up here, and I have to answer the question. And the response is: not yet :)

goo girl onahole
>That’s something to dig into, not a bad idea to have a slimy/sticky/gelatin-like onahole depicting a fantasy goo-girl’s vagina. We already saw a tentacle-onahole before, right ?

how much does a good onahole cost
>Believe it or not, good-enough stuff can be found as low as 5 dollars. In fact, high-quality material starts around 20-30 dollars, considering a very competitive merchant like NLS. But sometimes the exact same product is sold ten times more somewhere else, so be careful.

how to live with a dakimakura
>Will be able to answer that in the close future, but if you want to know this for someone who isn’t currently single then ask to otaku-goddess Melon Pan ;)

making a vacuum in onahole
>Pour some lube in it, make sure the lube reaches the bottom. Then progressively squeeze the air out, place your penis at the entrance to prevent air to flow in, insert yourself ’till you are at the bottom. That’s it, when you slide out the vacuum at the bottom of the hole will make it feel very nice, tightening the walls around your glans. Best result with onaholes featuring a “cervix-like” bottom chamber which acts as a vacuum pump.

onahole age requirement
>If the onahole package doesn’t show anything sexually explicit, I guess there aren’t any age requirements ? But if there are, yes you have to be over 18 or 21 or whatever age limit in your country for porn stuff.

onahole with loli feel
>(that actually was from Yahoo, not Google) Whatcha mean, “loli feel” ? Like – this – kind ? http://blog.onahole.eu/age-series-seven/ http://blog.onahole.eu/squid-c-moon-series/ http://blog.onahole.eu/open-my-pussy-series/

qu’est ce qu’une onahole wikipédia
>[yes that's French] Non non, Wikipedia ne te le dira pas :) Il y a un terme pour cela en français: “vaginette” ou “vagin de poche”.

sujiman kupa roa – real onahole worth it?
>I guess you found that on JList. Is twice the Amazon-price still worth it ? I tend to say “no”, this onahole shouldn’t rocket above $30. All depends on the shipping.

tightest onahole
>Possible winner here, but you won’t like it. http://blog.onahole.eu/kozaru/

what is female nectar
>(yes, the googler ended up here -and I don’t need to explain further) http://blog.onahole.eu/onatsuyu-female-nectar-lotion/

what is the name of the hentai that has a little girl which is called a pillow
>… how do you expect Google to find it for you ? And yet you ask this considering the hugely immensely galaxy-like mass of hentai out there ? :D

why are dakimakura expensive
>Because people are ready to pay that much for it. ;) Really, producing dakimakuras in industrial quantity even with high-quality textiles and ink shouldn’t cost more than $10 each, they’re easier to do than Vietnamese Nike-shoes. But no, dakis are often made in a “preorder limited quantity” context where it often ends in real auctions. That makes them expensive to do, and quite valuable collection items. Therefor the high price. And therefor copies for much cheaper.

ID: dffe4 No.13

File: 1371802834070.jpg (390.17 KB, 1000x750, 1505d0491d4444b7333392a68b….jpg, io e g t)

*** batch 3: June 11, 2013

how long do onaholes last?
>Somewhere in-between one and a thousand times.

most realistic onahole
>Your kanojo / kareshi.

both in my ussy
>…wat ?

chinese dakimakura vs original
>Implying most raw materials of the “original” dakis don’t come from China. It’s the cheapest wordwide, they have plenty of land and it’s very close to Japan. Well all depends on the quality during transformation.

dakimakura porn videos
>I must confess: that’s something I wanna see too.

girl using onahole on guy
>Here, dear internet brother/sister.

how big can i open my pussy?
>Maybe someone can check this out, but I think it could endure 20 cm wide opening, while giving birth. And usually, does it get painful above 4 cm ? Seriously can’t tell.

how do i keep my pussy open
> :o

how do you have sex with a dakimakura
>like this ? http://blog.onahole.eu/dakimakura-onahole-howto/

how to maintain my pussy hole
>Don’t laugh: vagina walls have to be regularly trained to greatly improve pleasure for you and your boyfriend during sex (“to be able to control the tightness” helps much to synchronize orgasms). You actually don’t have to use a dildo and vibrators on a daily basis, there’s a little trick: when peeing, try to stop the flow several times. The trick is also possible for boys, but I’m not sure it has a real effect on ejaculation force. Another thing: don’t bother using expensive “genital soaps”, they can damage the skin and membranes, making it painful to simply walk. Don’t worry about fluids dropping on your panties, your vagina cleans itself and… that’s happen when you’re aroused, deal with it or relieve yourself :)

how to secretly have a dakimakura
>Translate: “how to hide a porny 150 x 50 cm body pillow”. If you’re really smart, you’ll figure out a solution.

is it ok to put baby powder inside the hole of a sex toy
>Talc being a mineral, it can damage the toy. And be unpleasant when mixed with lube.

i wanna be an onaho!! -human onahole-
>Consider this: your partner doesn’t move at all, doesn’t react at all, … somewhat creepy, unless your fetish is to fuck dead corpses.

sind ona holes gut?
>Ja ! (that was German)

sister finds onahole
>(see first pic of this post) — if it’s yours, two ways this can end: you’re pretty fucked up and will be banished from home soon; or your sister says something like “you know… if you want.. I can help you..” and I don’t need to explain what happens next.

uncut foreskin and onahole
>That’s best, since your glans are more sensitive :) Cut or uncut: lube required.

videos using ona holes
>A few can be found on Motherless. Pretty rare content.

what are dakimakura for

what does onahole mean
>Also “onaho” or “onahoru” with the Japanese pronunciation. “Hole” is self-explanatory, and “onna” 女 means “woman”. Associate it with the word 子 “ko” (child), it gives 女の子 “onna no ko”: “girl”. And since we don’t talk about “onanokohole”, everything’s fine. Enjoy your “woman’s hole” :)

what happen if i sleep with an onahole on my dick
>Hahaha :D Well men normally don’t keep their boner all night, in fact the penis gets erected multiple times. Your penis will soon enough “pop out” of the onahole, and the onahole will stain your sheets. Not a great idea.

ID: dffe4 No.19

File: 1372713417403.jpeg (302.78 KB, 1000x714, 29e2598b479aab7558d0e784c….jpeg, io g t)

Hey kids, batch 4 for June :) Not much interesting this time.

are onaholes real?
>hell yeah \o/

blow up onahole reviews
>… blow-up onaholes ?..

children onahole
>… no, onaholes ain't for children.

glans too sensitive onahole
>with the choice of the lube you can decrease the sensitiveness

guy fucks his dakimakura
> yes ^-^

my lil sister is so tight
> congrats

twitter my little tight hole

two guys one onahole
>follow-up to 2girls1cup ?

ID: dffe4 No.35

can i use durex lubes with onaholes?

ID: dffe4 No.36

I'm not sure it's sticky enough. Not sure if it's suitable to onaholes too, unless it's water-based.

ID: dffe4 No.37

yes all durex lubes of the play series are water based for sure - play very cherry, pkay heat, pkay tingle, play feel. Can't say for thickness tho. Is this that important? And can i add something to make it thiker then?

ID: dffe4 No.38

Just a curious question, how long the lubes or lotion will expire as there is no date indicate on it?

ID: dffe4 No.39

No it doesn't have to be sticky, whether a lube is sticky or not just gives different sensations :) As long as the lube stays and "grips" on both the onahole and your penis instead of flowing out, it's ok.

None of my lubes actually has an expiration date, seems pretty stable. Of course water-based can dry out, just make sure you close the bottle and you're good to go. I had a bottle who lasted more than a year before being empty, had no problem with it 'till the end :) Also I guess most lubes contain antibacterial and anti-fungus components.

ID: dffe4 No.40

File: 1375313814574.jpeg (154.63 KB, 800x600, df6da555da6935e770aa21ffa….jpeg, io g t)

Batch 5, July !

alien onahole
>An onahole in the shape of the head ?! (see the film "Alien")

dakimakura has a hole?

do people seriously have dakimakura

do you fap with dakimakura

girl uses ona hole on guy
>For the record I've found "girl uses Fleshlight on guy" videos, but not involving onaholes. Yet.

hentai show with girls being raped by tentacles
>… that's almost all the hentai out there.

how do onaholes feel
>Try it out by yourself, it's beyond words :)

how i can open my pussy
>with your fingers, gently separate the labia majora. You're welcome.

how to order onanole without parents
>Be 18, have your own credit card, order online, make sure you're the one picking up the packet

if you cum in a onahole can you still use it
>…. yes! Even "disposable" onaholes !

is a clitoris technically a hole
>Nope. The clitoris is an organ whose only known function is to provide pleasure. There's only a little piece of it visible, shaping like a very little penis (without hole). Go on, check out Wikipedia's illustrations :)

is it safe to turn onaholes inside out?
>Most of them yes. Newest onaholes are very often of a material which can stir quite good and can therefor be gently turned inside out.

my boyfriend has a onahole
>and I expect all boyfriends to have one, and all girlfriends to have dildos and vibrators. Against stress, masturbation's way healthier than smoking.

onahole 3d printing
>Well… as of today, 3D printers only work on plastic. To build an external hull that's good (like Tenga Flip Hole), but for the inside it requires a softer material.

onaholes good for penis?
>onaholes great for penis.

pillow with hole for penis
> :)

were can a under age person get a onahole
>by looking under big bro's or daddy's bed ;)

what does an onahole feel like
>all depends on the inner structures. Onaholes are in such variety so that you can't ever get tired of it. "Flesh-like", ribs, bumps, twists, strings, suction pads, … everytime new sensations. Of course some onaholes imitate girls' vaginas, pretty well.

what should i consider before buying onahole
>The porn you will use it to.

what to use instead of onahole
>Your hand.

ID: dffe4 No.89

File: 1378118513987.jpeg (379.34 KB, 900x900, b39d588b02c5edc5125ddbf8e….jpeg, io g t)

And here's the 6th part, august ;)

anime girl body pillow with onahole
>this ? http://en-nls.com/pict1-14822

best onahole ever made
> I wanna know this too

boy dakimakura to buy
> very few, at least officials. Some unofficial makers allow custom design printing, and there are male dakimakura designs on the internet. You know what to do.

can ona holes help you be better
> Better in what ? Sex ? Well considering it helps you to know how your body reacts, I guess it helps to last longer and achieve greater climax.

can you use an onahole in the shower?
> With the water flowing it helps covering the possible noise when you use it, good idea when you're living with your family and don't have real privacy. But if you don't want the water-bill to reach high levels, you'll have to hurry in your business -this making it less enjoyable and good.

do you give a dakimakura
> Giving away a dakimakura ? Hell no.

how i make my pussx hole big
>insert water bottles daily 'till the muscles are totally loosen up.

how to position an onahole to fuck
>hand-free ? Depends on your shape. For me, 45 degrees angle is perfect.

is onahole better than vagina?
>being in a stressy situation can ruin sex, things like "not making too much noise because of the kids" and so on. This way, onaholes can bring better pleasure. After all it's masturbation, not sex or love-making.

life size onahole
>there are 1:1 scale hips, pretty expensive but lifelike.

onahole damaging penis
>who wants to try out an onahole including razor blades :D

onaholes feel like real pussy without getting pregnant
>some will say underage and menopaused girls can't get pregnant while still having real pussies

pussy doesn't open

pussy hole in tool
>that's called "onahole"

sex with dakimakura
> http://blog.onahole.eu/dakimakura-onahole-howto.html

what dakimakuras can be used for sex?

what is the most expensive onahole to buy
>1:1 scale silicon dolls. 8000 $ and more.

where can i buy anime onaholes

See ya next month :)

ID: dffe4 No.91

The idea of that razor bladed hole will give me some nightmares for sure.

ID: dffe4 No.129

File: 1380655420981.jpeg (133.27 KB, 1200x900, 362fa3ca97b15fb5810485463….jpeg, io g t)

September's done, new post !

are dakimakuras worth the money?
>Depends on what you wanna do with them. If you can't wait or just wanna have a cheap one (one you can ruin without too much worry), unofficial printed dakis are enough.

babies onaholes

buy onaholes discreetly
>tip: don't Google it

girl sucks smelly dick hentai doujin

i opened my pussy for you
>ok thanks. Now fill it with vibrating dildo.

is onahole ligal?
>what ? "illegal" ? Well I don't think it's illegal anywhere, but the packaging may cause some trouble.

loli milk shoot

my pussy hole just to tiny
>widen it.

my vagina drools what do i do?
>shlick vigorously.

ninja onahole
>An onahole which disappears in smoke when you try to screw it

onahole without lubed
>Don't. Always use lube. Water based lube.

sex doll unboxing and review

takanashi rikka onahole
>Yes, Tamatoys did.

will i fit in puni ana dx
>No. But maybe your dick will.

will onahole take your virginity
>What's loosing virginity anyway ? To what are you "graduating" ? Don't fucking care about this, just enjoy your sex with anyone or anything.

yaoi suppository

That's all folks, see ya next month ^-^

ID: dffe4 No.131

Even though ppl do not comment much on this, I want you to know that we read them and laugh a lot, keep it up! :D

ID: dffe4 No.141

File: 1383439313658.jpg (402.11 KB, 1125x1500, 36a40b46637cf278fdbdfd3315….jpg, io e g t)

With the blog and boards fixed, I can post for October :)

"fap hero" onahole review
>Oh yeah let's begin with this. Due to heavy load, the hosting was shut down. So I had to transfer on third-party systems. Many people are interested in that :)

are the jlist onaholes any good
>most of them, no.

aroused labia

baby onahole

can't open pussy
>use knife.

how ca a boy break girl's virginity

i put a dildo on my dakimakura
>and you search that on Yahoo.


onahole recommended age
>as soon as sexually self-aware. Can be very soon, can be very late.

ona holes for under $5
>why would you…

videos with a onahole
>a few on porn sites, user XXX Branded on Youtube, but there's also that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMq_X20iE1A

when a virgin girl gets fucked by her boy friend by using condom dose she loose virginity or no..
>come on, why do you care…

why do people have hentai pillows
>because it feels so good to cuddle and hug them <3

– that's all folks !

ID: dffe4 No.148

File: 1385976462339.jpg (230.36 KB, 1000x1333, 174a7ec3ff82b088d01574e08e….jpg, io e g t)

"living onahole" lol
So, what happened in November ? :)

Aside the very common "fap hero" and "dakimakura" stuff already seen before, product names, "transparent" stuff, we got these.

are japaense onaholes safe
>yes tehy aer msot of the tiem

best oral sex onahole
>Fella Master 3. No doubt.

can a girl break her virginity through masturbation and without any blood seen
can a virgin break her hymen with a dildo
>Virginity ? Nobody cares here. Keep masturbating.

computer controlled onahole
>soon. Experimental stuff with Occulus Rift exists.

dollho body doll onahole
>The term "dollho" is in the increase, I see. Tokyo Libido makes an onahole for dolls.

do onahole feel good
>If they wouldn't, then they wouldn't see, right ?

do people have sex with dakimakuras
>Some people do~

getting japanese pussy open
>I suggest drilling machine

hentai fairy stroking human cock
>I like fairies too.

how can my sisterbe this tigt
>…. your sister ? ô_o

pinaeapple inpussy
>oh my…

yaoi onahole
>well… there are futanari and shotacon onaholes

ID: dffe4 No.165

File: 1389034063384.jpg (605.44 KB, 750x1000, 920d50c1f80c93669fcdbde271….jpg, io e g t)

Happy new year, onahole fuckers !
Yes, not much new this month, most has already been seen.

dollfie onaho
>It's getting increased interest. Yeah why not ?

fap quest ona hole blog
>fap quest ? Is that related to FapHero ?

how much does shakuhachi musume oral pump weigh
>As much as a little onahole, if I remember well

is hobbyheart safe to buy from
>Order once, got served. You get for the money you spend, so you better use then as fuck-dakis :)

nanami to konomi no oshiete abc nodvd patch

onahole techniques
> :p

ID: dffe4 No.168

File: 1389282629714.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1200, abchd18.jpg, io e g t)

"nanami to konomi no oshiete abc nodvd patch"
Really ? Well, good luck to find it, i hardly got the eroge (downloaded with "save" files to unlock all the H scene). And i neither find any english patch nor a french patch (well, not sure H words in french sounds better than in english or japanese. "Nihongo" is a nice language ^^ even if i understand too few words to speak in this ^^' That's because an english or a french patch could help me). Beside, i didn't search it since some years ^^'

If there was such a patch, i probably never play (or not first) wanko to kurasou (a good eroge with some drama but a happy end. well, 2 happy ends possible (or at least, 2). About which flags you choose, you go with one of two girls. And, i didn't find how to go with the second and didn't play enough for it ^^' . I only unlock and finish "Risa"'s path).

[The studio is Ivory. On another eroge i didn't play, there are characters who are used in the anime Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Including Nanoha herself but not Fate, Yuuno or all other characters from the others worlds.]

So i found Nanami to Konomi no oshiete ABC (the renewal version and the HD one) but not Hajimete no orusuban and Hajimete no oishasan (2 eroge from ZERO. Nanami and Konomi are from Studio Ring) which both are a kind of prequel (a lot of it is explain on vndb.org ).

However i got the CGs ^^ (the all 3 eroges' CGs)
Anyway, Nanami to Konomi no oshiete ABC stay the first eroge i found, even if it begings with some of his CGs posted on a french wallpaper site (no, i am not kidding ^^ and i didn't know the eroge word at this moment) and it probably won't continue by playing all the game because no patch language for it T~T

Well, i still "have to" play "sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo" eroges serie.
If new patches are just realeased ^^ and if i don't play or watch other things.

ID: dffe4 No.169

Ah, now i remember that, there were 2 onaholes with those twins.

ID: dffe4 No.179

File: 1391264416882.jpeg (119.2 KB, 1280x720, e5ba294505bbee2af0ac4fca8….jpeg, io g t)

Here we go again :) From now on, I greentext the keywords, and answer in normaltext. Seems a bit more logical, after all.

>automatic onahole for games?

Soon ! :)

>blue haired onahole

Haired onahole is already weird, but.. "blue haired" ?!

>dakimakura bukkake

A bunch of guys doing a bukkake ("cum shower") on a dakimakura ? That's so lewd..

>eit my pusey

Such writing lol

>fap hero 2 i want to believe

We're all waiting for it, but why not starting your own project ? There sure is enough hentai to work with :)

>is it weird to have sex with dakimakura

No, it's commonly admitted nowadays.

>onahole i can fuck on my stomach

Huh, some kind of hips you put on your stomach to fuck ? Somehow interesting.

>onahole lube manditory


>onahole youngest


>should i use an onahole


>structure of cunts

yup, exists.

>سكس عزوةي

"Sex Azzoha" ?! How.. how did he/she land here ?! lol

ID: dffe4 No.183

>automatic onahole for games?
Soon ! :)

SOMCOM has been out for a while. There are US onaholes with video interfaces which seem similar in principle.

ID: ab16f No.186

File: 1396310125262.jpg (294.9 KB, 581x700, n2swmau7OI1tszu2eo1_1280.jpg, io e g t)

Hey :)

>are onaholes for real use?

Of course not. "Joke gifts", as says JList ;)

>first time xxx bleeding sex 7teen years school girl's


>how does a onahole warmer work

As you may know, when electricity flows through a cable, the cable (having a light resistance) transforms some of the energy into infrared light: heat ! If you take a cable and roll it into a spiral, you can produce more heat for less used space. That's how it's inside: a cable rolled into a spiral on the full length of the warmer. The outside being in plastic, the heat is transmitted to it and then out of it, for example transferring the heat to lube, which transmits it then to the onahole itself.



>proper way to jacking off using a onahole

Lube, insert, move, cum, clean, and repeat

>what does the kirino onahole look like?


ID: aa483 No.238

best lube to use with onaholes that I can buy at the store. Like K&Y or something

ID: ba0ac No.251

File: 1401631850100.png (84.59 KB, 500x500, ba53d67d960270357f2ce67319….png, io g t)

Hey ! I merge April and May. Let's dig in !

>are onaholes that good

Sometimes they're like "bleeeh", sometimes they're like "Omagad I came with the force of a thousand suns"

>girls drul is so sweet

Oh yeah I love drul !

>guy using onahole caught by sister

whoops inb4 wincest

>hentai schoolgirl forced to be a onahole

inb4 guro

>how many fucks can take away a girl's virginity

… one ? (virgin = didn't had sex)

>i should buy an onahole

That's a statement. Stop telling this to Google and do it already !

>onahole child doll

… Orient Industry ? I don't know

>onaholes sexual frustration

never again

>superb fella onahole.com

There's a search box, y'a know ? http://blog.onahole.eu/?s=superb+fella

>the dick of your father

the pussy of your sister

>wich cuntrey pussy sex best teste


>a boy fucking a girl and she breaking her virginity out blood

a man fucking Puni Ana DX and cumming so hard his sperm shoots out from the bottom

>blogspots seks video by little girls jpn


>can i use lotion on onahole

… "on" ?! Lotion belongs inside !

>girls is only open pussy open pussy open pussy

boys is only big dick big dick big dick

>how good do onaholes feel?


>how to spot bacteria on your onahole

Put a microscope into your eye. Or just clean the stuff.

>onahole in katakana

オナホ (o na ho) or オナホル (o na ho ru)

>should i be okay with my boyfriend using a onahole

Yes. And start using one too. Or a vibrator, if female.

>upcoming onahole releases

Soon, a screener bootleg on The Pirate Bay, before postprocessing

>u wont belive.how tight my little sister is

I do. I agree: tight.

>дакимакура со своим рисунком

Yes, the first word is "dakimakura". Thank you, Yandex.

ID: d0533 No.252

So, "onahole child doll".

Did he/she/they mean sex plush doll ? ah, there is too.
Or, if child doll can be also child toy, could that be a teddy bear hole ?
There is probably that too XD

Talking about sex dolls, try dollmate.jp, there are more maker beside orient industry.
So expensive for the best ones.
I wish i had "Sakura infallible luck" (Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicle) to win loto then buy one doll.
That's so sad i mainly can't T~T

Well, i still have my onahip (Puni Ana DX Onahole) and 2 cute Flan pictures printed on my Daki ^^

ID: fdb49 No.268

File: 1405380782215.jpeg (131.63 KB, 850x640, sample_52b50b7e777dec7d4a….jpeg, io g t)

June ! Sorry for the late.

>animated sex. but just girl


>compared withjapanese pussies and european pussies

huh ?

>create a living onahole

There's a website (I can't find the URL) which is basically a fiction about.. I'm not sure, kinda fucked up. Destroying girls' bodies so much like removing eyes, ears, vocals, legs, arms… Yes making actual onaholes, still alive, hanging on hooks.

>girls how big was a boys penis that took your virginity

I doubt any girl kept a record of that

>hot virgin illustrating on a large ceiled pussy

.. ceiled pussy ?

>how to order onahole discreetly

For starters, use Ixquick or Duckduckgo instead of Google.

>if a girl fucks herself,does that mean she's a virgin

Girls can fuck themselves (that's called "masturbation") while not being virgin anymore.

>i have a hole in my onahole

That's the point. Right ?

>m.xhamster.com/super hiro.html

"No video found for this query". You're welcome.

>sexy girlsget rapedby tenticles

→ sexy girl gets caped by testicles

>what do girls think about onahole

Not that I did an extensive research about that, but some girls find it "gross", some find them "cute" and some are freaking out horny when watching a guy using one. Context, culture, kinks and tastes.

That's all folks !

ID: a598f No.441

File: 1427160734907.jpeg (334.68 KB, 800x600, a69efc9e8b7af2265f5fab9c4….jpeg, io g t)

// long time since last time ! Here a few funny since July-February //

>can you all of air usahane one america


>extremely tiny tight sister

new loli onahole for siscons !

>household objects that could be used as an onahole

well.. a glass and two sponges, a piece of red meat, the toiletpaper roll…

>sex n galrs an anemai

its calld hentail

>best little pussies on the web


>can i use a condom for an onahole instead of lubricant


>dakimakura of real person

sure, why not ?

>home littel girls take virginity break video

eeeeh no

>onahole toddler


>school girl first sex breakingher virgin. sex

by teacher

>can someone tell how kanojo toys fell

They fell from a cliff, I believe

>can you use onaholes in the shower

why not, 4 times out of 5 that's how I do it

>hentai to watch while using onahole

whatever turns you on.

>my best friend is an adulterer it's not tight

and that visitor landed on the Ayase parody onahole

>black guy using twin sex toy mastabator..

not yet on xHamster ?

>cracked feet on footjob



sounds like a clickbait title

>if a virgin gal satisfy herself using household,is it possible it will loosen her pussy?

"satisfy herself".. as a matter of fact, no: the vagina muscles get trained, allowing her to "squeeze tighter"

>strongest stimulation texture onahole


>tight sex with my little sister

one visitor among many

>best way to fuck sex toy without messing up sheets


>can you get stds from onahole

if you don't share it with humans or apes: no

>are onahole for masturbation


>does warming your onahole make it feel better

much better for the first slides

>human with onahole magically connected to womb

onahole.. connected to womb ?

>steam games for onahole

Exchanging Steam keys for onaholes ? Interesting

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