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ID: 072c9 No. 107

So I was checking daily the tracking system and I saw this parcel was one of the first to hit ground (September 14th), yet I only got it this morning.

Red tuct tape, you know that it means. Yes, customs.
Even if the shipping was JPSP and not EMS, even if the value is only 70 €, they still give a fuck and asked me for VAT+tax: 26 €.

Well, aside this little hiccup, this order is pure epicness.

- R-1 starter set
- R-1 A10 cyclone
- Chu! 3 and 4
- Hot! Girl
- Moe perfume #1
- Holly Water of High School Student (lol)

You see what I did, combined with the 2 previous orders: I made it fly above 120 $ with maximal "low weight high price" to participate in the free R-1 starter set campaign ( http://en-nls.com/page_r1campaign130904.php ) while asking to ship all this in separate JPSP shippings. I guess that paid off, with one EMS the customs would have asked much more.

Sorry I couldn't tell that before, since the campaign is "first come first served" :) But now, I've got a golden opportunity to get a hand on this R-1 stuff.

ID: 072c9 No.109

R1 always intrigued me but it's so expensive!

ID: 072c9 No.110

Wait what? JPSP shipping? Isn't that shipping Japan only? I cannot choose that shipping, how did you do it?

ID: 072c9 No.111

äh.. Japan small packet… E-Packet :)….


ID: 072c9 No.112

You seem to have great luck with your orders. I'm still waiting for mines (still at customs ><), and my second order isn't going through because of PayPal.>>107

ID: 072c9 No.113

Arnt you lucky, your package already arrived. Mine is still in customs =(

ID: 072c9 No.114

Im having a little bet, going to to see if my second order (DHL) arrives faster than customs takes to release my first order…

ID: 072c9 No.115

So my package finally came! but sadly my kirino has a defect =(. Gonn msg NLS about it

ID: 072c9 No.116

Congratz, sucks that you got 1 with a defect. I usually don't bother with returns unless its a serious problem. Also expecting mines to come in tomorrow. ><

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