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File: 1380307236910.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x3888, NLS-order.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 4ad16 No. 118

This is my first order from NLS =P

6996 JPY + Shipping

What I ordered:
-3 Cans (for hiding stuff in)
-1 Large all purpose bag
-1 Nekokko Shokonyan Onaho
-1 ToysHeart First Day of School (as a backup)
-1 Onaho Pump Cleaner
-1 USB Warmer (the purple bag in the bottom right)

ID: 4ad16 No.119

That's nice, for a first order :) Have fun!

ID: 4ad16 No.120

Good choice for starting out. Mines just came in as well :) (DHL, 2 days from JP to NA). Should be set for a while… got:
-Puni Hole DX
-Imouto Oppai 2.5D
-R1 Starter Set

ID: 4ad16 No.121

Forgot I also got lotion. The one where you can wash it out later.

That Puni Hole DX looks amazing!
Imouto Oppai 2.5D kinda puzzles me though, as to its use.

1 of the 3 cans came damaged; the wrapping film is stuck to the can (appears to be partially melted on) and it has a few dents, but I only needed 2 anyway. Everything is tucked away and neatly and blends in if you were to open the drawer.

I'm not going to get to enjoy these much, though, because I have to be discreet; I'm rooming with 2 lovely ladies who think anime is creepy. Imagine if they found out what I had T-T

ID: 4ad16 No.122

File: 1380333719608.jpg (16.99 KB, 290x220, MaleMasturbatorlm2_03.jpg, io e g t)

Lol, well at least it'll make things more interesting. The Puni Hole DX really is something else, it gives a more realistic feeling because of its weight. I bought the Imouto Oppai 2.5D just for fun, but it really does feel good since its soft and squishy ><. Paid close to $100 for shipping though. You can always try to stealth it if you have a lock on your door or something.

ID: 4ad16 No.132

That's some hardcore start for a beginner, congrats! I started with a disposable cheap masturbator, lol.
Wait what? You live with 2 girls? How is that? Imoutos?

ID: 4ad16 No.143

Waaa! ;_; I need a Onaho Pump Cleaner…
My roommate gets so angry when I borrow his onahole and don't clean it…

ID: 4ad16 No.166

um dude what … is sharing onaholes a somewhat normal thing …

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