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ID: 24a74 No. 123

My Ona-holes:
Age series: Seven; The best I have,
Age series: Eleven; Good in a pinch,
Age series: Fifteen; MEH;
First day of school; Good.

BUT, after reading the reviews, I have been enjoying sub standard masturbation.

My question-should I buy this sites recommended Ona-holes?

Are they that much better?

It is a risk doing so, because Canada will prosecute sex items that appear under the age of 18:(

ID: 24a74 No.124

.. which sites recommended onaholes ? :)
Yeah quite a few feel better, more intense or whatever (IMHO).

As a matter of fact, I asked NLS the other day if they can ship products "in bulk" without their box, when ticking a checkbox on placing order. They don't have any plan for it ATM but will consider it. Try to ask, they probably do it for you.

ID: 24a74 No.125

You should try dual layered ones, if you're ok with lower durability. And just ask them to ship it without the box, and anything else that might be considered under 18. You shouldn't have any problems that way.

ID: 24a74 No.126

@AhaiHebi ".. which sites recommended onaholes ? :)"

Thx for your reply- I requested my shipment to be sent without any packaging. NLS did that. But apparently, I chose substandard ona-holes thinking they would be tight, yet realistic. But I apparently chose substandard holes. NLS needs to update their rating system to this board :P

@Anon "You should try dual layered ones, if you're ok with lower durability." I will try those ona-holes. Thank you for the suggestion.

My fear is NLS (or other sites) may include packaging which will result in jail……… :( So should I upgrade? Are these ona-holes that much better?

ID: 24a74 No.127

I think you should, personally I'd always take dual-layered over single-layed onaholes. They just feel so much better, don't have any of yours, but I do have the 17 Bordeaux, My little sister can't be this tight, Fella Zoma and some other ones. Also have Tenga fliphole, flip air, FL Flight, and other Tengas, but they aren't very good (feeling wise). And as for the packaging,you can always message them and double check to make sure they've sent it without the boxart. Even if they forget to, It should be fine as long as no one opens it before you do.

ID: 24a74 No.128

@AhaiHebi LOL I can't believe I didn't recognize the name. Awesome board, and thank you for the reviews. You are the "best of the best, SIR!"

@ Anon-I may take your advise and purchase these items. Sadly it comes down to the 10% chance NLS leaves the packaging material in the delivery, and the 0.01% chance customs opens my delivery = JAIL.

But, Anon may be right, it may be worth the risk for me. Or to quote Trevor from GTA V "I don't gotta big penis." Sadly, Loli ona-holes need to be my preference…. (plus they are cute!)

To bad the packaging is illegal here :(

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