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Finally placed my first big order from NLS. 12000JPY + Shipping. After finding this forum i was wondering if i should have removed the box from the first three onaholes. Dont want to get into trouble with customs. So my question is, living in Germany how big of a chance is there for my stuff to be seized by customs?
Also what do you guys put there in the items field? Figures? Books?
Afaik NLS puts gift baby toys or something in there.
Also, how fast is DHL including customs inspections?

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DHL shipping. Like EMS, you have (very) strong risk of custom taxes. Around 20 or 30 euros, I think. Should not be that different compared to France.

In western Europe parcels get rarely opened, I think there's just a quick X-ray check for bombs and such (X-rays don't show the package illustration), and drug-finding dogs (and also to find organics like rhino horns, snakes in bottles and other shaman stuff -even if that's not really the kind of stuff who comes from Japan)

If opened, well… I lack legal reference (laws or court orders), if the point is "if the image shows fictional characters appears under 18 to the average viewer", that seems pretty lightweight in court (being subjective criteria based on average human size versus age, breast size and so on, neither are solid proof).

Seems only "real" pedo-porn content possession in Germany is a crime, as long as it only hurts or may hurt the "average person's morals" there's room for arguing in court. If you want to take the trouble to defend yourself in court if shit happens, of course.

Well, a good safeguard is to ask shipping without packaging. Put "figures" on the description, that's very likely to come from Japan and isn't totally false. In Japan the parcel comes in a day or two at the Haneda airport, there it can sit for up to 3 weeks in case of e-packet (depends on free space in mainline aircrafts) or 1-2 days for EMS/DHL. Once landed at customs, it takes 1-3 days until I get from postal service, or more than a week if there are taxes applied (in the latter I had two schemes: with e-packet it comes with the main postal service and I pay taxes when receiving the parcel, with EMS it stays at customs and I get contact per snailmail (1-2 weeks delay) to send tax payment before Chronopost -a local company similar to UPS or Fedex- gets the parcel and delivers it 1-2 days later.

That's why I avoid EMS by all means, in the end it's slower and more troublesome than e-packet ^^ Better two little shippings than a single big one that draws attention.

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Hmm guess i should not have been greedy about shipping time. Thanks for the info, will keep it in mind for future orders.

Keeping fingers crossed!

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wow wow wow… 92€ items,and 54€ shipping? Also DHL?? Oh my god.. you're gonna get such a big custom fee, I cannot even express how much it will hurt.. there is a formula to calculate it, but I'd estimate 50€ or so. A tip, at least for Spain, keep your orders to 60€, max 65€ WITH the shipping included, and check the weight (g) and see the best buying options for the cheapest shipping, I use e-Packet always. Takes 2 weeks, but it's 17€.

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