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Hello my first order was via DHL and luckily the custom office haven't made any problems for missing shipping costs declaration and charged only for the products. (I've payed the delivery man) Now I want to order via epacket and want to ask who has some experience in shipping to Germany. Who will deliver the packet to my doorstep and who is going to do the custom declaration?

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Hi, I posted something about that in the advice forum. So I ordered from NLS via epacket and it arrived pretty quick at german customs. I got a note from DHL (seems like epacket is handeled by them aswell if NLS did not mix things up and sent it with the wrong company) to pick it up at my local customs office. Had to pay the 19% Tax and open the package to "confirm the contents" though it was already checked by airport import customs. No other issues with the products. Also check out the discussion in /a/ if anything is unclear.

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