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Hi, I've found out that in 2014 SAL is not available for certain countries like Germany anymore. So be careful ordering something now from en-nls using e-packet shipping. Has somebody more information about this and explain me f..king why is not possible anymore? En_nls just send my packet to japan post and hopefully I can still get my sugar in time and don't have to use DHL in the future.
This is the source I have found and is purely speculation.
Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/AnimeFigures/comments/1sm4sx/amiami_to_stop_sal_registered_as_a_shipping/

ID: 5b87f No.162

Well if that is true we can only hope this only affects some Distributers (excluding nls) or that e-packet does not count as SAL.

But you should not worry about your order. In case NLS actually has to stop using epacket for german deliveries they will tell you in advance. Items shipped should always arrive disregarding such regulations which should not take effect before the supplier knows about it and changes it in their system.

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