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ID: fc5ea No. 161

Got this on 4chan. I give it a try.

ID: fc5ea No.163

whoah I have to figure out where to get all this stuff from, definitely interrested

ID: fc5ea No.164

I did find the soja lecithin in my standard mall, as "food complement".

Mixing 2 teaspoons in yogurt.

In fact, there's some effect. Idk, I felt my cum be more viscous (that's why: need drinking a lot). About the volume of cum: mmh yeah maybe more than usual. Not easy to find out when it ends all mixed with lube in the onahole ;)

ID: fc5ea No.175

I tried this, didn't really work. I've seen other "recipes" with Pygeum. This seems promising but it's hard to get hold of.

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