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Yes future, you're wonderfull! I just saw this, so sorry if I'm slowpoke, but I didn't knew about this model. What do you think guys, should more dakis like this be made? Also are there any chances to have a better experience with a onahole? I'm not sure if it will be more comfortable or less…


ID: e3c70 No.21

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I guess the opening is on the "head" part, putting the stuffing down in the "legs" would be… horrible ? :D Not that easy to wash.

I'm sure it should be nice to cuddle while on top of the daki, with the legs reaching your back. And since you can really reach between the legs, you could place an onahole there and fuck it.

This kind of daki would allow … see pic.

ID: c7171 No.256

This seems like something you could do on your own with a normal dakimakura even if you're not all that skilled with embroidery.

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Leg-separate type Dakimakura is selling here.
This pillow seems can ship to the whole world.

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