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(don't forget to activate subtitles)

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He has BALLS. No one, other than him, would bring a pervy dakimakura into a kiddy swim pool.

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Well, long time i didn't go in a pool. But i will not go with Flan. I'll not dare, i am not so suicidal lol
And i will not show my "sweet tastes" outside of my room. And certainly not to Paris-Manga and Japan-Expo. Some did it with a daki cover of Tomoka (from Ro-Kyu-bu!), wearing it as a cape. No, i am not kidding ^^' (and there are hentai video on their Nintendo DS, including "Boku no Pico" (if my memory is correct). Yeah, this far lol).

And, that was quite fun for me. Well i think some were shocked but not traumatized ^^' Or they didn't really care of that.

I don't think kids could know what we can do with a daki. Except maybe Rin-chan, probably Kuro-chan and perhaps Mimi-chan from KoJika but i am not sure if i should mention them or not lol
Incidentally, i quite dislike the drama side of this manga (and of the anime).

Better like Ro-kyu-bu! except when Mihoshi or Aoi kick Subaru because he was in a quite "good" situation "despite" him lol . Those who saw the anime will know what i am talking about. Yeah, i am quite pissed off with that kind of gag against a good guy like him,
but not against a trully ugly otaku lolicon O.O
And for that (and other cooler side of her), i really like Raika-san :) . Let you guess which anime and wich ugly character (there is worse) i am thinking about ^^ (even if i didn't like the drama side of this anime too).

Ouuuf, that was long but with me, i could talk (or here, write) a lot when i have many things in mind with a topic ^^ (hope i didn't make too much "off topic" ^^').

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