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ID: d9136 No. 244

Ok, I'm not in the mood of making a review. Today I got my package from NLS, with my new toy, J-Hole! Ryo Saiya!, that samurai onahole
Looking at the pictures I thought that is is gonna be fantastic, a tight onahole in which you can regulate the tightness, that sounds great! …… if you're a fuckin' 5 year old! What the hell is this shit, with the black thingy on it, I could not even stick my dick inside it! Like seriously, how small my penis has to be, and, by the way, I have a small penis, I think around 12cm, here a pic:
I don't know… I might add that I lost my boner from time to time, I was not way too much into the mood to fap, the porn I was watching was crappy, and I did not get 100% hard, but that's bullshit, all my onaholes got me hard in the midway if I wasn't at max at the beginning, but with this one you cannot stick it inside if your dick is not hard enough to break diamonds. And with the red thingy it gets as twice as tight! I put my middle finger inside it, then with the red thing I got it to max tightness, and the onahole would not fall of my finger, even if I tried to throw it, is THAT tight. So in mid-fail-fap, I tried without the black thing, and still could not do much. The inside is very hard, and I cannot feel the ribs. Then I switched to my Secret Twin Tales 2 onahole, which is my softest one, and wow, I could not feel it at all, the change was so big… I don't know, I'll try it once again when I'm very hard without the black thing, but I don't think it will work… what a fuckin' waste of money… fuck.

ID: bcb44 No.245

Oh wow o_o
I also thought the entrance may not be easy with that shape, but… better take NLS' words !

"There is presence in spite of its small, warts inner wall I feel good, but the intense feeling of pressure and this hardness may not match depending on the size of the penis."

→ biggy Eurodick no happy time !

ID: d9136 No.246

I know, but wtf man! My dick is asian size, how smaller it has to be to enjoy this? like literally if your dick is thicker than the thumb finger, this toy is not for you… I seriously start to believe that no human tested this, they just tested it with a dildo like in the onaho site, and the said "yeah, it seems to work", and sold it. I tried again, and I could not even stick it inside without the black thing, I dont know how I made it before. Fuckin' garbage

ID: bcb44 No.247

"thicker than the thumb finger"

Or maybe for young teenage boys ? Seems like that onahole needs some fighting, as it's box suggests ^^

Can you make a pic when you spread the entrance with your fingers or something ? :)

ID: 51a4a No.250

onaholes are supposed to be used by adults… and lol, that was funny.
I could not get the good camera right now, and I'd need 3 hands to spread it with my fingers and take the photo :P
By doing that, it feels like it is gonna crush my figners, it is like a very firm and strong hand shake.
Hmm… I wonder, if I rip the inner layer, like cut it out form the onahole.. would the onahole be usable? Sure not a great structure, but better than fuckin nothing >:/
I could make a video too "Fixing the shitty ryo saiya onahole tutorial"

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