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File: 1402492385330.jpg (233.9 KB, 640x1321, out.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 43230 No. 257

Paid with the J-List commissions (see http://blog.onahole.eu/internet-decides-j-list-1.html#more-2317 )
It's an indirect gift from you all ! Many thanks guys, I'll take good care of Rinka :)

ID: 8063e No.260

how does it feel? make a quick review here pls

ID: 43230 No.261

feels nice, good tightness, the entrance has best stimulation, reach deep, hardly smells, not sticky.

ID: ebc03 No.346

What method are you using to clean this thing? Flushing it out or turning it inside out?

ID: 4423c No.347

Spreading open and flushing out while using fingers. Still ripping open.

Turning inside-out would ruin it faster !

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