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ID: 408ef No. 274

Got some new toys today :3 With shipping it came to 99CAD

Two that I'm looking forward to very much; Mouth of Truth and Virgin Age Admission.

This is my first oral onaho, to start that off I went with the rends drool lotion. I also went with the Rends golden lotion to go with my virgin age order. I'm excited, I really enjoy the tighter ones :3

ID: 408ef No.275

I posted my first order some time last year, was able to go about my business without any of my roommates finding out! The girls I was living with thought anime and all that was kinda weird, I could only imagine their reaction if they found out.

I kept the business for late at night (3am ish) and washed quietly.

I've since moved out, though, so I don't have to worry about discretion anymore ^^

ID: 554ac No.287

Was this in canada? the virgin age got through?! also how was it delivered?

ID: 2705b No.378

Risky ones like Virgin admission may possibly get confiscated if you're in a place like Canada. But only if customs opens it :). What I usually do is ask the seller to send them w/o the packaging.

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