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Okay… okay… I should first calm do-OH MY FUCKIN' GOD I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! OH GOD YES! YES! *ahem*.. so, you've probably heard already about the onahole with sensors which comes out with a software, right? The first one was
USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl, and then a probably better version, Custom Maid 3D came out. I've been researching a bit, and there is even an english patch, mods, models from animes, just perfect to have sex with a anime character. But then, this new innovative thingy for 3D gaming, Oculus Rift, gets integrated with CM3D!!! Now you can really be there, I'm SOOOOO hyped about this.. I'm totally gonna buy it. What do you think guys?

Source: http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org/2013/07/custom-maid-3d-now-supports-oculus-rift-virtual-reality-eroge-for-reals/

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Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.
I knew it was coming (Google Glass) but I didn't expect this and now. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Next step: a silicon doll ? You know: if you grab it's boobs, the girl in the game reacts accordingly ? Hell we live in fantastic times.

Anyway, if you buy it: please make sure to tell us how it is and what pervy things you did :)

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Hehe, I'm like that you're excited as well. True, great times are coming. Well, I have exactly 0€ right now and no job, so that will have to wait. And even if I had the money, I can't buy it now, the maximum I could buy is the CM3D onahole (I'm downloading the game to see how it is). The Oculus Rift is not released yet, so we will have to wait until they finish it's developement, it's still in alpha state. I hope by then, I got a job and money, but for sure I'll tell you when I buy the CM3D :D
Sillicon doll.. idk, they are already too expensive. I've been checking this site
which offers some great dolls, I so want the 132cm one, but they're around 4000$, so yeah.. and other "basic" dolls around the net are 500-1000$, and imagine integrating sensors in them.. probably 2000$+, but who knows.. I really like that concept, like you're touching the anime girl, I hope it comes one day. But for now I'm happy enough with CM3D + oculus rift :D

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Great progress so far, wonder if we'll be able to develop NerveGear in this century. That would definitely make for top quality fapping.

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If you guys aren't checking this page, you should!

Soon all your fantasies will be realized…

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