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I need to tell you this story.

I was about taking a shower, and as usually I picked up an onahole to be used during my shower. Since I'm currently reviewing my Bumpy Sister (priestess type), I grabbed this one, and started pouring lube in it.

And then, something comes shooting out from my onahole. I hardly had the time to react it was already on the floor, followed by the onahole itself because out of surprise I did let it fall. It was….

ID: 28f40 No.282

File: 1409693098514.jpg (334.39 KB, 2000x861, Earwig_on_white_background.jpg, io e g t)

Earwig !
A FUCKING EARWIG MADE MY BUMPY SISTER IT'S OWN HOME !! And I scared the shit out of it when I started pouring the lube into the onahole !!!

I grabbed a tissue and barely had the time to capture the fucker, and then I did it. I squeezed the tissue with the earwig in it. I felt it being crushed, it's juices staining the tissue. I made it quick, no suffering, flushed down, bye bye.

Guys, seriously. Always use a fucking storage bag to prevent any insects to enter your onaholes and make it their home and lay eggs and pinch your cock or whatever.

This happened today. This will never happen again.

ID: 584ec No.283

Holy fuckin' shit… I had this fear actually, once a fly entered my storage place of onaholes, I saw her and made her go… I'm afraid something like this could happen… ughhhh, I'm to lazy to put them inside bags, fuck… I gotta think of another way, like personalized plastic cases with quick close/opening or something… if anybody got an idea, share please. Together we will make onahole fapping better! lol

ID: 584ec No.284

A bit "out of topic", I like a lot bumby Sisters, I have the nun, and I have a few good things to mention, one is the "mouth" of the onaholes, or the vagina lips, they're well closed so keep inside the cum very well, and if I let it in my "storage place for onaholes to clean later" it wont come out like in other onaholes, keeping everything clean. The ribs inside are soft, it's tight and soft at the same time, good for sensitive penises like mine. Good material, some things stick on it but not too much, and it's so cheap, recommended to any one.

One day when I'm not too lazy, I plan to make a big post with stuff about onaholes, like info, tricks I've found, pics of my room, where I store my onaholes, towels I use, etc. could be useful for new fappers out there.

ID: aa1f0 No.285

what kind of bags do you recommend? I dont know what the hell you're talking about, like ziplock bags?

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ID: f11d7 No.290

File: 1410941540299.jpg (181.48 KB, 1080x1698, 1410781498351.jpg, io e g t)

YOU scared the shit out of IT?

If it happened to me, I'm sure it would have been the other way around.

Also, someone posted pic related some time ago. Geez, what's wrong with these insects?!?

ID: 3e361 No.340

Old thread, but some advice from a casual arthropod lover - earwigs and millipedes (the animal in that last post) both love small, dark, and moist spaces - dry your onahole out super-well and don't leave it anywhere moist (like your bathroom before a shower) and you should deter bugs.

If you don't want to buy a storage bag, I know a lot of people will wrap their silicon dildos in plastic clingwrap to prevent lint and pet hair from sticking - perhaps the same'd work for onaholes?

ID: e698b No.377

Lol, I usually keep my stuff in a luggage bag so never had to deal with this sort of thing.

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