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ID: 7983a No. 302

Does anybody want to draw mascot characters for the blog? I know I do! >w<)/
(Pic not really related, but I haven't drawn anything of my own yet. It's an event CG from a doujin game)

ID: 7983a No.305

Oh, it finally worked! I hope I haven't broken the board by trying to post the same thread over and over again ><;

ID: 7983a No.307

Should the mascot characters be based on the actual writers of the blog? (AkaiHebi and TailsTellTales), or completely original ideas, like a magical girl and her red snake guardian?

ID: 5bc2f No.309

File: 1413457475297.png (76.94 KB, 400x400, Xt1sqy9u0.png, io g t)

As a reference, here what I vectorized :)
SVG: https://blog.onahole.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/1.svg_.zip

That's just a draft example, no specific guidelines. Anybody, feel free to contribute and share ideas !

I made chibis, but it doesn't have to be chibi :) Hair ornaments are a good way to give a character a personality, for example see Magic Eyes' mascot with her bullet vibrators as twintail bands. Clothing can be various: samurai armor, ninja coat, geisha robe, seifuku, swimsuit, Santa Claus robe, witch costume,..

The baseline characters can be cosplayed as elves, succubus/incubus, daemons, various degrees of furry… doesn't have to stick to humans ^^

They can receive names, get a life written for them, or just remain anonymous. Of course, they can "live" outside Onahole Review and be used as Twitter profile pics, content on 4chan, dakimakura covers,… everything !

They can have a wide range of expressions: happy, sad, shy, excited, blushing, tsundere, yandere, creepy, angry, depressed, sleeping,…

Finally: the characters may appear in all kinds of situation, like receiving christmas gifts, playing on the beach, having fun with a tentacle monster, having webcam sex, studying in the classroom, having a walk in the forest, riding rollercoaster, … storymaking is free !

ID: 5bc2f No.310

Oh my… that board is falling into pieces :D

Completely original ideas :)

ID: 7983a No.311

Trying to think of some sketch ideas now :)
Mostly trying to decide if I should draw a loli character or a super busty character :P

ID: 7983a No.313

File: 1413467858844.png (786.29 KB, 1477x1529, onaho.png, io g t)

Snakes like mice, right? :P
(Added watermark so she won't be stolen and posted somewhere else.)

ID: 7983a No.314

If the design is picked, the final version would look alot cleaner, with better linework and color detail. Also, she doesn't have to wear the swimsuit all the time. She can have different costumes for holiday themed wallpapers or something :)

ID: 7983a No.319

File: 1413469376808.png (115.29 KB, 607x463, onaho2.png, io g t)

test? :P

ID: 5bc2f No.320

Yay boards fixed lol sorry for the mess :)

oaaaaah is that what you are drawing ? So goooood *-* I- I love mice !!

Loli or busty… you know, I have something in mind right now: little loli sister and her busty elder sister ! This opens a few doors like "loli sister finds onee-san's toys", "Onee-san teaches her imouto how to make the boy feel good", "Loli sister tricks shy onee-san", "Sisters fight over the same boy", "Busty is actually the loli herself time-traveling a few years", …

Or one girl could be a childhood friend, showing up sometimes for "life counseling" in a kind of love triangle ^^

Or the boy and girl can be non-identical twins ! The possibilities are infinite lol I should click that button before I reach post length limit

ID: 7983a No.321

Oooh, all of the story ideas sound very good! I'm not a very good writer though…ToT
If the characters are going to be directly related to the site, then it might be fun to have an imouto and her onii-chan trying out different toys together^^

Oh! How do you plan to use the drawings? Just for the toy reviews? Or short eromanga releases on the site? Wallpapers? Twitter icons and banners? @_@

ID: 5bc2f No.322

File: 1413496770910.png (9.41 KB, 291x275, 1.png, io g t)

For a start, only "reaction faces" in reviews. Then it can be ecchi poses and fun situations that will be included to banners, maybe shared on Tumblr too :)

Wallpapers are a bonus for hardcore fans, making a wallpaper is much work.

(pic unrelated; zombie-in-3-minutes)

ID: 7983a No.324

I'm hoping that other people will post art here too :)
Drawing for the the site might increase the target fanbase I'm looking for~ (I want to be an ero artist, drawing for R18 doujins and maybe R18 games)
I entered Toy'sHeart's illustration contest, but unfortunately didn't win, since my drawings were so amateurish ><;

ID: 5bc2f No.325

That's a great plan ! I'd be more than happy to help you kick start your ero mangaka career :D Oh, find yourself a good artist name :)

ID: 7983a No.326

Oh, I have an artist name already, but it's not a very clever or ero-focused one XD

ID: 5bc2f No.327

[system message: the following on Twitter has been successfully enabled.]

So much stars in my eyes *.* uwaaa~
*heart melts*

ID: 7983a No.328

Uuoo, we're following each other! How exciting~, w
I hope we can be friends from now on~ \(^w^)/

ID: 7983a No.329

File: 1413615297686.png (602.08 KB, 898x943, riaru.png, io g t)

Do you prefer a moe style or a more realistic style?
(The thread felt empty, so I thought I'd post something again ^^; )

ID: 5bc2f No.330


That's a good question :) Mmmh. Moe drawings for review introductions, then some small chibi to illustrate opinions during the review ?

I'm actually thinking.. does it have to be always the same characters, or can it be random anonymous characters with different personalities ? Don't wanna "jail" the girl in being always tsundere for example.. I don't know :)

ID: 7983a No.331

Hmm…having just one or a very small group of mascot characters might be good, so if the images somehow find their way onto another website, some people might recognize the character from the site, or want to learn more about where the character came from, leading them to the original website ^^
Like FAKKU's mascot, or Dejiko-chan, the mascot of the Gamers stores in Japan :P

ID: 7983a No.332

Maybe the real challenge would be to find the perfect personality for the main mascot girl? She could be an energetic, happy girl, who gets shy and easily flustered when talking about erotic things, even though she's very curious to learn more >w<

ID: 526a5 No.333

File: 1413695596518.gif (491.2 KB, 500x370, akanedance.gif, io g t)

Hey RenRen! I really love your artwork style. I suggested these ideas to AkaiHebi and he urged me to post my thoughts for you to consider!


how about cookie & milk?

cookie is the girl… tomboyish & brash, sandy blonde brown short hair? hazel eyes? in a chocolate brown school vest and pleated skirt? maybe early years of high school?)

milk is a really sensitive light blonde white hair guy with low self esteem, a bit effeminate, but with cookie (his currently platonic best friend) he feels he can be who he really is and they just have a sweet friendship. maybe he becomes bicurious or gay later in life or bulks up to be a total bishoujen babe. milk has royal blue eyes… he is tall and slender, modelesque? he is prim and proper and they look like a funny pairing of friends. he goes to a rich boy's prep school and wears a crisp blue boys academy outfit. (secretly cross dresses in a marine blue seifuku??) milk is one year older than cookie?

ID: 7983a No.334

File: 1413714238622.png (1.35 MB, 1439x1444, milk&cookie.png, io g t)

Hmm…something like this? (@x@)/
I don't usually draw blazer-type uniforms or male characters very often, so this took a lot longer than I expected XD
I can add other things in future drawings too, like hair accessories or something ^^;

ID: 5bc2f No.335

Really really nice work :o
I approve this concept art of walking under cherry trees in school uniform while holding a sex toy :D

About hair ornaments, since Cookie is fiery and "genki", it can be a headband, or.. nothing at all, "wild hair" :)

Milk's background can be that he is onlychild from a rich family, living in a big house, but has very strict parents who expect him to take over the family business. That's why he has low self-esteem and hides his sexy explorations, if he's childhood friends with Cookie then she would have been staying over at Milk's house and eventually finding out his "secret stash" while he was in the restroom, since then they share their secret explorations with each other.

Cookie's background may be she's living in a lovely but busy middleclass family with 2 other sisters, so she's enjoying much more having fun outside with Milk than being in the crowded house, when she found out about Milk she got interested in sex toys too and started collecting a few in a secret spot in her room (or the room that she shares with a sister, leading to an awkward situation later ?).

Wow I'm really going down on details lol do we need to set a bio already ? ^^

ID: 7983a No.336

I'm surprised that these characters already have such detailed stories! It feels as if we're creating a full manga series, instead of just mascot characters @w@

ID: 7983a No.337

I thought the plan might've been to create an original mascot girl that would be the "guide" around the site, and maybe appear in some short comedy eromanga for the site visitors to fap to, or to maybe have mascots based on the authors, to use for the reviews (Like Onahodouga)…but this plan of having two characters in a big and detailed story seems very interesting too >w<

ID: 7983a No.338

File: 1413765882593.png (442.45 KB, 500x1000, ToysHeart01.png, io g t)

Oh! Maybe I should post the 2 drawings I submitted to ToysHeart's illustration contest too, since they aren't online anywhere else except for ToysHeart's website x_x;

ID: 7983a No.339

File: 1413766116928.png (470.77 KB, 500x1000, ToysHeart02.png, io g t)

…and here's the 2nd one. It would've been very exciting to have my drawing on an onahole box…but honestly, I thought that if I won, I'd be able to get my very first onahole, free of charge :P (Currently living poor NEET life)

ID: 7983a No.342

I'll post some more art ero samples here~ (sorry if the images are too big @_@)

ID: 7983a No.343

File: 1413927372539.png (1.04 MB, 1100x1553, kitty H.png, io g t)

ID: 7983a No.344

File: 1413927519667.png (1.06 MB, 1100x1553, puppy H.png, io g t)

ID: 7983a No.345

File: 1413928623066.png (1.84 MB, 1964x2398, popsicle-finalver.2.png, io g t)

ID: 5bc2f No.348

File: 1414349532080.png (5.89 KB, 474x629, 1.png, io g t)

The Milk and Cookie concept art has been totally approved by all involved parties :)
Once your tech issues are solved, we can start this new adventure !

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