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Hi there. I want to try some new experience, and hope you will help me. Of course I want to start from toy with balance of cost and efective. Maybe more cheap that more efective for start.

So, what I keep on mind:
1. Electric stimulation, looking for http://en-nls.com/pict1-26304?c2=14001023
2. Uretha stimulation, looking for http://en-nls.com/pict1-33074?c2=9999 (I think vibration - is good choise… I think…)
3. Prostate massage. Maybe http://en-nls.com/pict2-12472-9999?c2=13001013 (Also with vibration)

I have zero experience in that 'things', so I want to know what do you think, what you recomend me.

ID: 8ffc3 No.32

Myself I don't have any history with these, but at least they don't seem very expensive to me. But I need to ask: don't you think the Super-fine Vibe still is too big to enter the urethra ? Try with a swab first :)

ID: 8ffc3 No.33

Did you mean a "Cotton swab" ? Is not it the same size (with cotton is 5 mm) ? 5mm is perfect for me, but 7 - it's useless for me. 4mm will be the best. But I want toy with vibration, and it's best choise. It's one choise I have found…
They say at first 5 mm, but than they say 7 mm. I can't find any other site with this toy, so… 5 or 7… maybe even wider (

BTW, I also want to buy some onahole:
http://en-nls.com/pict1-26684?c2=9999 (I read your review at this toy)

What do you think?

ID: 8ffc3 No.34

Yeah Tubomi is quoted quite often, should be fun "handless". That's a good start :)

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