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ID: af019 No. 349

I'm waiting my first NLS order and it's been 13 days since he arrived in my country (according to the tracking)and i don't have SHIT.
Should i be worried or…?

ID: 400a5 No.350

If there was fees to pay, it would be already delivered. There's something else going on. Check your mail in the next days, maybe the customs will ask you to send them a receipt (facture). If they do, then NLS can send you a copy.

It has "risky" content ?

ID: af019 No.351

ID: af019 No.352

It's weird necause i've made a few order on JLIST and it was alright…first buy on NLS and the troubles begins…

ID: 400a5 No.353

Content-wise it should be okay.. and the value is low enough… my guess is that customs' guys are unusually slow. Update us when you have news :)

ID: af019 No.354


ID: 053f8 No.356

Bad News, still nothing in hands :/

ID: 053f8 No.357

An idea ?

ID: 400a5 No.358

Weird. If you did ship with EMS, open a ticket at Chronopost (they usually handle EMS at local level). Else, La Poste. Tell you lost track of the package after airport arrival and you want to know if it's being handled.

You should hear from them soon, if anything is required… you have a weird situation

ID: 053f8 No.359

Oh i receive an answer to my mail for NLS :

"Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Since we cannot check the latest delivery status in your country, please contact La Poste directly.

Well, i will follow your advice.

ID: 053f8 No.360

Well i try to found the right page on the La Poste Website to contact them but it seems they don't have anything relative to that…
This situation is just absurd…

ID: 053f8 No.361

And no i ship it with e-packet :/
You think it's the reason ?

ID: 400a5 No.362

With e-Packet La Poste doesn't provide tracking on local level. The question is whether they're processing it, or if the package still sits at customs. Give a call maybe to know if it was handed to La Poste yet ?


ID: 23d78 No.366

Order here and safe !
Happy ending :)

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