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ID: cf62a No. 372

Just checking Jlist and i saw this


I mean at this price buy instead the A10 Cyclone SA on NLS, it's less expensive and so much worth it !

I know that Jlist don't have the best ratio product/price but it's kinda insane..

ID: 819a5 No.373

For 7kg it's actually an average price range between "handheld-onaholes" and lifesize silicon dolls :D

But don't complain about J-List's price, it's just a small company with limited storage space, they have no other choice to have enough margin :)

ID: cf62a No.374

ah ?
Anyway i think it should be a lot more interesting that any similar western masturbator, japan always try to make something new or different and their product for the most part (i guess) deserve our interest.

One day i shall test this kind of gear but first masturba-tits :)

Thanks for this enlightenment !

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