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ID: cec80 No. 380

"Someday maybe" was the reply I gave when got asked if I plan on getting a large masturbator. Now thanks to the awesome guys at NLS, it became reality…

"Without the packaging please", and NLS removed the controversial packaging. Shipped safe and sound after a round trip in Hong-Kong and Germany, that's not unusual. And of course, like so often with EMS: customs check.

The nice people guarding our borders against nasty things took it from the batch, read the invoice, turn it around, take a knife and open it properly, took a look inside (and maybe get it sniffed by a drug-dog), find out it's legal stuff, close it with brown tape and paste a "opened by customs" sticker on the box.

Things got sour afterwards: delivery man was 5 HOURS LATE, coming right when I was busy masturbating, leaving the freaking box to my neighbors (who luckily didn't open it, hell if I wasn't there picking it up 5 minutes later maybe they would have denied receiving anything, keeping my stuff for themselves… those oldies).

At the end of the day and after finding enough free space in my -overloaded- sextoy-cupboard n°2, I'm the happy owner of a Puni Hole DX Hard. https://en-nls.com/pict1-39684

ID: 681bf No.381

OMG de Puny DX Hard… that is the EXACT same large onahole I wanted to get… congrats man. But wow wow, hold there… opened by customs?? Seriosly?? Damn… anyway, shouldn't care too much if they didn't contact you or didn't let it pass.
So do you think it's a better idea to purchase it without the packaging?
And the delivery man left it to your neighbours?? Seriously, what shipping company does that… How fast did it arrived? How much?
Btw, you did not pay customs? Or did you? I find it impossible to not pay anything with something this expensive and specially if they actually opened it, how much did you pay?

And after all the money-questions, have you tried it? How does it feel? Does the inner structure look like it's gonna break or somethnig like that? How is cleaning? Should I wait for a review and not bomb you with questions?

ID: cec80 No.382

Yes, opened by customs ^^ Yes it's safer to order without packaging in EU countries, I know in Germany it can get worse: they ask you to open it yourself right in the post office in front of the postmen.

The shipping took 3 days. You read it: a packet from the other side of the planet, over saturday-sunday, opened and released by customs that once took 2 plain weeks to send me a simple invoice request, all complete in 3 days.

What I paid ? €0. That onahole is a late-Christmas/New Year bonus NLS was okay to send me, and so it was labeled "sample (no commercial value)" and so there was no extra tax to pay. By myself, I'd have to wait half a year worth of commissions, meaning that no update would happen on the blog meanwhile unless an author posts stuff he/she got himself/herself. Of course, it will have a post. Such epic onahole MUST be blogged about ! Pinch me, I feel like dreaming.

How it feels ? Quick opinion on first use: the anal hole is a bit like Seventeen (the first) and the pussy hole like Seventeen Bordeaux. The sound it makes, it's… oh my, remind me to record it :)

Cleaning: since there's an exit hole, I think it's not hard to correctly clean inside. It barely fits under my sink though ^^ Of course I have no idea on durability yet, but the material seems better than A-one's or NPG's. Maybe the holes will become wider over time ?

ID: e2f32 No.392

Oh god, customs opening it up would be my worst nightmare, I've been thinking of ordering a onahole (This one looks amazing) But living at home, it'd be too dangerous it seems. Wouldn't want customs to ring up and family to answer it haha

ID: edb65 No.398

I think it's pretty safe to buy an onahole.
I'd like to ask again AkaiHebi if he is sure about to having to open it in front of the postman in Germany, like, you have to go to your post office, open it there and then take it? It does not make much sense to me, I think they will just open it un customs, close it, and ship it to your house as a normal legal packet.
You are safe to buy small onaholes, try not to surpass 60€, or you might be risking taxes, I say 60€ because I never surpassed ~65€ or so and did not get a tax. Smaller orders rarely get in customs, and even if they did, I doubt they'll give you a phone call, if it's legal, there should not be a problem. Either way only give YOUR phone number to the shipping company so customs call you instead of you parents, but I doubt they will call you. Maybe they will send you a letter, in case something goes wrong. If you want big onaholes like this one, maybe it would be safer to ask them to remove the package as how AkaiHebi did.
Look around the /b/ board and see people showing pictures of their orders, I've made +10 orders so far to Spain and 0 problems, once I ordered for 115€ and had to pay 35€ taxes to the postman. Everything it's completely safe, no one will know what's inside except customs maybe, so go ahead, I think everything will be ok :)

ID: 6af8c No.411

Been looking at this and the regular version as well as several other 'DX Dual-Type' hip onaholes. Is there a big difference between the Hard and regular?

Was also looking at http://www.amazon.com/SELLER-Eyes-Sujiman-Onahole-CoolMaleSexToy/dp/B00LBU4XJ2/ref=sr_1_9?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1424319649&sr=1-9 Though I have read/heard a lot about the stop gap thing not really working all that well.

This one too, http://www.amazon.com/Seller-Authentic-Japanese-Magic-Eyes/dp/B00RDCY04U/ref=sr_1_18?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1424319649&sr=1-18 Not completely through on the holes but it looks very interesting.

Any suggestions more than welcome! Probably asking this here is wrong instead of the Q&A part but I figured it should be ok since you posted this on the random board and were bound to get a lot of questions heh.

ID: cec80 No.412

Mmmh it seems there's not a big difference between normal and hard editions… but I can't confirm ^^ Hard is maybe more durable too ?

ID: 6af8c No.413

Ah, yea the durability should be greater i'd guess. Are 'butt cheeks' still fairly soft/grip able with it being 'hard'? Same for the lips? Will they(the lips) feel like 'The Mouth of Truth' and it's teeth? Also what do you use to plug the flush hole on the front side? Do you place some tape over it, use a plug?

There's an idea get a cat tail butt-plug for one of these dual types… That'd really add something extra!

ID: cec80 No.414


Well yes the ass is gripable.. but the "lips" are not hard like the MoT teeth, they are… a bit like Love Girl but less tight.

Actually, closing the flush hole has little effect since the pussy and ass holes join inside: if you'd want to try making a vacuum you'd need to close both the flush hole and ass hole (considering you're fucking the puss hole). And also you'd need to press the whole onahip to try squeezing the air out first. I don't think it's possible ^^ Onahip with better suction capacity would be Cocolo, but not having a flush hole makes the deep cleaning -really hard-.

Plugging something in the flush hole can make sense though, something like a bullet vibrator: while providing nice extra feeling, it also blocks cum from bubbling out of the hole if you come buckets like I did yesterday.

ID: 6af8c No.416


Ah ok cool. So long as they aren't like the teeth form 'Mouth of Truth'. Sad to say i'm extremely soft skinned apparently and the teeth on that thing have actually left me with some light bruising…

Ah, yea didn't think about a bullet vibrator. Get one of those three is one types and could stick one in each unused hole. Just not sure if those would be large enough to 'plug' the hole since form what I have seen in photos of them the holes seemed kind of large. Plus if they stretch out from cleaning and such it may not work so well? Why I figured the 'tail buttplug' would work well. Something like this http://www.queencatadulttoys.com/cat-tail-anal-plug/ or one with a vibrator? large enough to 'fill' the hole and possibly add to the feeling. Could use it in either hole really. Wasn't really looking for the suction as I figured it would be non existent with the open end it has. Mainly was just looking to prevent the lube and mess from leaking out form the other holes while in use. Kind of wish the makers had the forethought to add some kind of 'plug' accessory or attachment that would come with it. It as fairly expensive after all hehe.

Yea, the Cocolo would work better for the vacuum probably. More of a pain for the cleaning though but i don't think it'd be to bad compared to the 'Mouth of Truth' with it's tongue and teeth. So kind of a toss up. The DX has a wider hip base though doesn't it? Or even the Twins Panic? Was looking at that and saw that you seemed to like that a lot.

have only had one 'true' onahole and that's the 'Mouth of Truth' so only have it to use as a comparison. Been debating between a just a single hole or a hip type set up. True could get 3 maybe even 4-5 single holes for the price of the DX and Cocolo but the weight and feel of the hips is a really nice idea if it works heh.

Thanks for taking the time to reply by the way!

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