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Hello all! Looking on Amazon (US) I found a version of the JU-C PUTI 2 that was special made for the Tentacle and Witches h-anime. I liked the show, and the character it represents is a Tsundere :3 Plus it comes with a drama CD (no doubt very lewd) and a microfiber towel thing


My issue is with the description: "Ju-C PUTI Futaba Lilly Ramses special version of super beautiful microfiber towel was set only now only newly written drama CD & The Lily correspondence! Onaho can not get [Adult]"

The part at the end almost makes it sound like this doesn't actually come with the Onahole. In addition, the seller appears to have a separate listing for just the Onahole: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ESVRT3S/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1H1ZJ7OE1XT6R

Anyone care to share their thoughts on whether they think it actually comes with it, or is it just poorer than normal translation?

Additionally, I found a japanese listing for the same product:

And comparison of that listing says it DOES include the Ona,
plus, during the writing of this - I had a though, so I compared Amazon's shipping weight for both products, and it seems to match up.

So I'm going to try buying it, but just figured I'd share my anguish with all of you.
Thanks to AkaiHebi for the recommendation of PUTI 2 that led to discovering my Tsun-Ona :D

lol, would that be a Tsun-ero?

ID: 1335e No.387

There are actually 3 versions of this product.




Note that the "masturbation aid compatible drama CD & microfiber towel" are not actually included in the deluxe version.

ID: 44706 No.388

Whoa, awesome, thanks for the somewhat reputable sources there!
I did know about the DVD box set as well, best hentai box set eva.

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