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ID: bb8dc No. 41

Hi guys, today I got my packet from NLS! Woah, so excited.. so, here you have a gallery of the unboxing
and here the links to everything I bought, tell me what you think :D
First one I tried was the Hina with the Piston.. idk, I feel like I should try it without the piston, I did not felt anything special.. the hole is VERY tight, so I'll try it again later, and after some time when I try all my onaholes, I think I'll post a few reviews :3
I bought the boku ona thanks to a review made on this boards, (I might not review that one, I'll comment about it). Also, the Piston has a huge package for such a small thing o.O … Tell me your opinion guys! :D

ID: bb8dc No.42

6 orders ? I guess that makes you a regular customer :)
(interesting dakimakura, btw)

Yes Piston Magic has a quite big box, I think it's because they need to add all the information and illustrations somehow. Have fun :)

ID: bb8dc No.51

Have fun with your new toys!. Also why are you guys so lucky every time I order something my package gets opened:(. I tried to order roa along with a few other but they got seized cause they had a loli image on it.msad face

ID: bb8dc No.52

Join us in Europe :)

ID: bb8dc No.54

haha maybe i will =). How often do you get your package open/items seized if it happens?

ID: bb8dc No.55

Let's see :)

Japan, J-List: 4 orders, 1 had fees and VAT
Japan, NLS: 12, 3
China, Hobbyheart: 1, 0
China, IlotExotique: 2, 0

Yes that's 19 imports, none of them seemed opened. The only hiccup: France wants it's share of VAT when the value is higher than ~150 €, this delays delivery and once they were too stupid to find the attached documents on the box and have had me send them the invoice. Again to know if they should ask me to pay VAT difference (lucky me, the value wasn't that high; but it seriously delayed the delivery; from there on I avoid EMS shipping).

I guess Spain, France and Germany count to the EU lands where overseas import isn't a struggle with the customs. Netherlands, Italia, Belgium, Finland, Austria and Poland should be cool. I guess all it takes is the country to handle large amounts of import, being rich enough for not greeding up with tax and fees, and being no paranoid like UK.

Go on, import yourself in the EU and fap with us :D

ID: bb8dc No.58

Lucky you.
6 Imports, 1 replacement from NLS. 4 was open including replacement =(. well i gusse i gotta import my self to EU now lol

ID: bb8dc No.70

what does your description tend to say. figures? JW

opps for got put my name, can you delete the last post lol

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