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ID: 983ff No. 427

Wanted to get Rina too, but just did not have the money left for it.

Guess it'll be my next purchase, along with Eroman. That is, assuming this is all worth it in the first place :X

Other things to note for prospective first time buyers: USA, DHL shipping, packages obviously intact,one of my items was backordered so everything arrived within 4 days ordering

ID: e4009 No.428

Very nice selection of toys and accessories! VA:Admission, Mouth of Turth(Have this and like it), and the Lolinco right? Warmer, Microfiber towels/cloths(always a plus to have with these toys just got one the other day and made it a lot easier on clean up, use a pen or the hole warmer to stuff it into the hole instead of a finger, works a lot better!). No idea what the lubes are haha. Have only gotten one American lube that i like so far though doesn't work well when warmed up called Slippery Stuff Gel and it's fairly thick but thins out as it warms up. Don't see any baby powder though? Really recommend some if you don't have any. Keep them from becoming lint toys as well as keeping them nice and 'supple' feeling on the outside.

Which site did you order from and no problems with the import? Was curious how that would have worked. Feel's like if it is opened up it would be a major invasion of privacy and against our freedom type of rights. To me any ways heh.

ID: 983ff No.429

Yea, Admission, Mouth of Truth and Lilinco.

The lube is Golden Lotion, though I'm thinking about getting the Shibari Intimate Lubricant on Amazon too just to try something different.

The hole power is aptly named, Hole Power, and is right below Lolinco if you look closely.

I ordered from NLS, and it doesn't look like customs opened it…

ID: 983ff No.430

Powder, not power….

ID: e4009 No.431



That seems to be the preference of most hole users form not just here but other forums/review boards as well. Sad to say haven't seen any like able Water based lotions in the U.S. Just gel's. The next best form those is usually something silicone based but I have read a lot about how those are bad for these toys sooo… Was looking at the shibari intimate lube when I was ordering my Wonder Ring Poco Pen! Definitely looked good by most of the reviews but damn if some of the negative ones aren't really making me question it… Mind you I still have a big 32oz bottle of Slippery Stuff Gel that's fairly full as a little goes quite a long way with the stuff so long as I keep my ceiling fan and portable fan off. Amazed how much longer lube can last with out fans moving the air around the room haha.

Ah, that's what that tin? is. Look's like a big flat tin any ways… Like an Altoid's Mint container almost…

Ah well that's good to hear at least! If I may inquire, are you on the east coast or west for shipping imports/exports? Think California has a lot stricter import/exports than all other states from what I have seen while traveling back from another state any ways. Why I have been strictly ordering form amazon only since most stuff shipped from inside the U.S. is never inspected since it's shipped through U.S.P.S. through amazon. Same goes for FedEx and UPS from what I have seen, though I have had a box of computer parts opened and inspected from UPS for some reason which was never given. Not sure if it just opened up while it was shipping and they just put my computer parts into a new box or what since it didn't have any signs it had been opened, just a sticker saying 'WAS OPENED' in black bold letters with a red background heh.

ID: 0d2d4 No.434

Nice! Are you planning on posting your thoughts after you try them? I'd be interested in seeing a comparison to see how much they line up with the scores on the blog.

I'm in California, and I've gotten two packages from NLS: a SevenTeen Bordeaux and a Virgin Age: Admission. Both were e-Packets (so they went through USPS). Neither have been opened; both were labeled "figure set".

ID: e4009 No.435


Ah sweet! Thank's for answering my question about that!

ID: 0d2d4 No.436

No problem! Keep in mind that this is just anecdotal, so there's no guarantee that packages won't be inspected; indeed, I'd probably think twice about ordering something with explicit loli nudity without asking NLS to remove the packaging. Other than that, though, I figure I don't really stand to lose anything even if the package is inspected (sex toys aren't illegal after all), so I'm fine with e-Packet if it saves me a few bucks on shipping.

I have a Mouth of Truth coming soon, so if that package gets inspected I'll post here again about it.

ID: e4009 No.437


True, have to take it all with a grain of salt as the saying goes.

Cool, hope you like it! Mine's nice though the cleaning can be difficult heh. My Wonder Ring Poco Pen is easier to clean than my Mouth of Truth if I don't use the anal canal on it haha.

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