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ID: 631ae No. 455

I got a Virgin Age: Admission (not hard edition) around 6 months ago and took care of it with lube and cleaning after each use (Which there was only around 10-12). However the toy had an inner and outer layer and they came apart to the point that I could take the inside of the toy out of the shell. Was I sold a fake? I had thought that the VA:A was a single material toy, not two parts?

This is changing my mind on whether or not I want to replace it or get something new.

ID: 94c94 No.456

Virgin Age Admission is a single layer onahole, there can't be "layers that separate". This sounds suspicious as fuck.

Where did you buy ? Can you take pictures of it ? Do you remind what the included lube looked like ? Can you still oppose and chargeback your payment ? What info do you have about the seller ?

ID: 3e52d No.460

I find it hard to describe what kind of hole Virgin Age: Admission is. It's certainly not a dual-layer hole but it's also not quite a single layer. I'm fairly certain NLS doesn't sell fake versions and I've had mine for almost a year from there but it started to tear apart showing its odd design after a few weeks use.

But it's never come apart so much that it somehow made it clear it's dual layer and I cut it up today after ordering the Hard version (again from NLS) to replace it and it only seems they did something weird around the inner entrance because the second half of it is definitely all one layer. But it seems that the odd method they've made the entrance can come apart and if stress is applied to the gap, it can further spread, creating a sense of dual layer splitting apart (which I've not even ever had happen in a dual layer so far). It could also be some odd manufacture fault.

ID: d179c No.461

Just a thought, are you sure you didn't buy the Virgin Age: Graduation instead? Afaik, Admission are single layer, whereas Graduation is a dual layer.

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