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Puni Ana SPDX (ぷにあなSPDX)
from: http://otonajp.com/puni-ana-spdx/

Hello gentlemen. I picked up this heavy girl today. If anyone would be interested, I might post a review and some visuals this weekend after giving her a test run.

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Sure, go ahead :) But maybe you wanna use the /a/ (Advice & Review) board.
So you bought it from the new shop otonaJP, was the shipping good and the box content secure ?

ID: 7e9ee No.465

Thes shipping took 7days(From JAP to EU). I used the cheapest shipping method since she is pretty pricey to ship because of the weight. Everything inside was unharmed. I asked them to remove the packaging, which they did, but I also got a private message asking me if I also wanted them to remove the CD of loli pictures. I totally had no idea about any CD so their great service might have saved me alot of trouble. So I have to say they do have great costumer service.

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