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ID: beace No. 72

so im wondering is it a good idea to use orgasm delay or orgasm enhancement cream with ona holes? Would it affect the material?
Ex. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=18566


ID: beace No.73

huh.. delay orgasm, I've never seen anything like this before.. well, tell me if it is good

ID: beace No.74


First I gotta find out if it would react with the one hole material. If anyone has information please do reply

ID: beace No.76

"climax control balm". I wonder how does that work. Better than thinking of bills to pay while sex ? :)

A quick look at the ingredients: different types of oil, I see. I guess it's not suitable for onaholes then, knowing that only water-based lubes are recommended. Not oily lube.

On the topic "orgasm delay": I have yet to be convinced about cock rings. Haven't used enough yet.

ID: beace No.77


Never used one either. Tell me how it is after a few more uses :D

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