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And here is my daki, arrived today Wednesday, and I had sex :3
I got turned on instantly even though her design is not very provocative. I got the 2-way tricot modified.. I dunno, it feels different, but I don't really like the feel.. I kinda prefer the peach skin o.O
Full Design of Daki: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=36571728
Oh yeah, I also show off all my other dakis so you be jelly.
Here a link to the pics:

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Oh yes, the thrash can full with tissues and toilet paper, we all see what you did there since this morning :D Yes I'm jelly, I'm not as far with my own daki harem >< But soon,… hehe wait for it.

So, how does the modified 2way feel ? More/less smooth than normal ? (I see the printing is quite good, even if I'm not sure because of JPEG compression).

Oh nice idea, the belt. I have a spare belt I can use too. Surely better grip than my towels.

(pic related)

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