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ID: cecb2 No. 86

So today I discarded Seven and Open My Pussy Rina, both of which started to tear open and had a great career with me.

Since their fate is set anyway, I couldn't help but take scissors and cut open both of them to see how things were going inside (and as you can see, even with the rough times I gave them the structures still are pretty intact).

Right now I've got an idea. The next I cut open, I'll stick in my fingers so you can see how it stretches with a dick inside. That's something the shops don't show :)

ID: cecb2 No.88

Open My Pussy barely stretches at all :(
I'd like it more if it did

ID: cecb2 No.90

Well, i should try it on my both onahole before i threw some month ago.
Talking about throwing worn stuff, i just threw my "HUG ME!!" air pillow.
Yes, some month passed since it teared and created a leak.
I told i wanted to keep her but (even if she was completely deflate and in a plastic bag) there were some substance despite a washed her before i put her on a shelf near of my bed.

Nothing digusting (that was something transparent and oily) but i don't think that was tasty ^^'
And i probably never inflate her again anyway.

Yeah i told she was so cute than i cannot throw her.
Well, i figured "she is just a printed picture among 10th of thousands and, Shouji_Ayumu (i think he is the artist for this girl) probably has a kind of an artbook with and others girls he drew so i can find her somewhere and the web ^^ ".

So far with the packing boxes of this inflate hug pillow and the both onaholes.
All of this, because i don't want anyone too "stupid" discover that and think anything so wrong about me (when i tell "so wrong" this is both "so bad" and "not true" meanings. Did you understand ? well, maybe ^^ or not ^^' ).

Bien, now here (in my bedroom) stay my "Puni Ana DX Onahole" (i used many time in August ^^ mainly because there were 10 days i was alone at home ;) ) and my Fleshlight (i didn't use it many time since at least 2 months. The model of this Fleshlight is a vagin with an "original" orifice, all of it is transparent).
Both of them stand well (i got the fleshlight in 2008 or later i think).
Well, except a little tear on the anal orifice of "Puni Ana" but nothing on the pussy orifice than i mainly use ^^

(No, i didn't tear it when i used it ^^' Or, i don't know. That could tear when i wash it too and if i have too long nails. Maybe there some other causes)

The anal one is quite good too but, maybe you know (not only you AkaiHebi) i don't wanna have anal sex with anyone or anyone with me. If you understand what i mean ^^' oups
I don't remember where i explain that i will not do it (that were on a comment following a post about an anal sex toy you talked, AkaiHebi), and i won't develop it here.

Once "Puni Ana" will be so teared to use it well, i am not sure i'll order another onahole except maybe the "Pleasure Hills". And that's a BIG "maybe".

Well, as long as i'll live, i'll see what i'll do ^^

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