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ID: 6f39d No. 92

Hai guise~, well, today my 7th NLS packet arrived! First, I wanna comment, I was afraid that I would have to pay customs, since I saw the packet has passed through Madrid, but luckly I avoided the customs. Ok, it cost me 61€ with everything, and this is what I got:
Secret Twin Tales 2 (Nina Momozono)
Small Sister Hug Pillow
The tits are ok, the material is that one that everything sticks to it though. They're not like soft, they're like.. idk, a firm onahole? But it's ok, it will be good for daki sex, and licking, they do not have any flavour. I havent tried yet the pillow, and bout the onahole, i liked the outside part and yuck! tasted very weird o.O.. after washing it, i tried it.. umm I cannot really tell, the internal structures are not a big deal, the feeling is tight and soft, and specially at the end of your penis it's very tight, I do not know if I pured too much lube at once because of the weird bottle it came with, so I could not feel well the innner structures, but the ones near the end where your penis head is felt really good (when I barely put any lubricant). I did came pretty fast though, so a decent onahole. I think you can't turn it much outside out, so cleaning kinda sux. Hope you enjoyed me showing off another of my orders :D
hi res http://i.imgur.com/baX3S9n.jpg

ID: 6f39d No.94

Secret Twin Tales 2 with Onahole Warmer deeply inside.

I don't know, this looks… awesome :D

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