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ID: 693e7 No. 93

Freshly delivered from Japan :)

-Secret Twin Tales 2 (Nina Momozono)
-Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-

Not opened yet, I'm waiting for more. Hehehe.

ID: 693e7 No.96

Lucky you, I'm still waiting for mines (sitting at customs for almost a week…). Can't wait for it to get here, lol.

ID: 693e7 No.97

"(Nina Momozono)" you copycat!
i wanna see them open! >.<

@anonymous ohhhh, customs? damn, unlucky you, when the packet arrives at your house, the mailman is gonna charge you money :/. Normally after round a week it arrives from customs.

ID: 693e7 No.98

Im still waiting for my package =(. its still in customs

ID: 693e7 No.99

Not really worried about the duty/taxes, what I am worried is if it'll be delayed, lost, seized, etc. Perhaps I'm just being too paranoid.

ID: 693e7 No.100

@anonymous ya that happen to me during my first big order. 3 items got seized because they had loli looking girls on it sadly. i should of told them to take the package off =(

ID: 693e7 No.101

Come to think of it, wanna share some details ? (what items, what they did, what happened to you,..)

ID: 693e7 No.102

Yeah, thats not cool dude. They've opened one of my boxes once (had Roa, Rina & Tenga), but it went through nicely.

ID: 693e7 No.103

i lost roa, give me your milk!, and secret twins. when i received the package i had my other items and a letter saying items have been seized and if i wanted to get them back i would have to go to court.

ID: 693e7 No.105

Of course in court you could defend yourself against these kind of seizures, but that would mean more trouble for you (you'll be even more suspected of dirty things and whatnot).

If the problem is only the packaging, well yeah the simplest solution is to have NLS allow "bulk shipping" (no box, or even only the onahole itself if the lube bag is illustrated like Magic Eyes or Tamatoys).

I'll suggest this to them :)

ID: 693e7 No.106

My most recent order I request nls to remove some packaging for a few toys so hopefully it doesn't run into any trouble as it is currently in customs for a few days

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