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ID: 0991c No. 198

I said I'd post my quick/easy/efficient method of drying the interior of an onahole, so here it is.

You need:
1. Some kind of absorbent cloth (I use these: http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/sainsburys-price-comparison/cleaning_accessories/sainsburys_super_absorbent_cloths_3.html )
2. Some kind of yarn/wool
3. Scissors to cut the cloth and the yarn
4. A needle (to sew the cloth together

ID: 0991c No.199

File: 1400108488411.png (30.7 KB, 1524x601, diagram.png, io g t)

Basically, you cut out enough cloth to cover your finger, then you sew it as shown in this diagram, and then you turn it inside out.

ID: 0991c No.200

File: 1400108541380.jpg (336.06 KB, 1200x1600, 100_5234.JPG, io e g t)

This is what it looks like after step 3.

ID: 0991c No.201

File: 1400108839656.jpg (285.77 KB, 1200x1600, 100_5236.JPG, io e g t)

And after step 4. You should wash it first, after that it's ready to use.

I've made about 8 of these. Whenever I use an onahole that can't be turned inside out, I dry it using these. After using about three of these, it's pretty much completely dry inside as far as I can tell. It takes less than 5 minutes.
Then I just put the used finger-sock things somewhere to dry before I put them away.

Oh btw, when you insert these into an onahole, you should use an up/down levering motion. That way you can get it in without causing damage to the inner structure by abrasion.
You should also be careful with some holes that have double layer. Those can be quite fragile. Just be gentle when you're inserting/removing it.

ID: 0991c No.202

I made a video of these things being used:

ID: afe3e No.204

Nice, very nice ! :) I should try that.
Can I share the video on the blog and Youtube ?

ID: 0991c No.205

Sure! No problem.

ID: afe3e No.206

ID: c4ee4 No.207

Wow, that's a great tip! I'll do it like that from now on :D . Btw, after 1 using it 1 time, do you wash it? Like just with water and let it dry for a new use, right?

ID: 0991c No.211

If I use it once but still intend on using it again quite soon (like within the next couple of hours), I don't wash it at all. But if it's going to be a long while (a day or more) until I use it again, I wash & dry it thoroughly and put it away.

I don't like leaving onaholes more than two hours before washing them. Though I admit sometimes if I've used one and it's late at night, I'll leave it and wash it the next morning. In those cases I wash it extra thoroughly.

I always use hot water (hot enough to feel uncomfortable on my hands) and antibacterial soap when I wash my onaholes, and I always rinse them thoroughly. I always aim to get them as dry as they can possibly be. It seems to have worked pretty well, my oldest onaholes (just over a year old) seem to be in fine condition still.

ID: 844dd No.395

aagh, sorry, I only just properly understood what you were asking.

After I use one of these things I put it on a stand (made out of a bent metal coathanger) and leave it overnight to dry off. Then I store it.

I only wash them once a week. When I wash them, I just soak them in scalding hot water for about 5 minutes (maybe with some hand soap), then rinse them off with cold water, then put them on the stand to dry off (it takes about 24 hours for them to completely dry) and then I store them.

I've been doing it like this for almost a year now, and I've not had any problems.

Except some onaholes which have double layers can be sensitive to the friction, so be careful. I've occasionally noticed very small bits of inner layer material coming off when I use one of these to dry it.
But all the other onaholes (mostly single layer) I've used these on have been fine and I haven't noticed anything strange.

ID: 8b9d8 No.396

Should I be wary of careless drying? I wash the toy shortly after each use, mostly just with running hot water in the bath tub, but sometimes with antibacterial soap. Then I just let the toy rest, entry down, in a shower caddy for a few days (I have other toys 'in reserve' for the meantime). I don't try to prop the hole open…so usually it's still wet deep inside two or three days after use and cleaning. Should I be concerned about bacteria or other bad things because I don't carefully dry it out? What bad things can happen to a person using a not-perfectly-clean onahole?

ID: 844dd No.402


Hey what's going on, this is your boy Jay Muise, A.K. the legal high guy. How we doin'.

My honest reply to you:

That sounds bad to me. I'd recommend using the soap every time. But the most important thing is the drying. The way you're drying/storing your holes sounds like there's a significant risk that mold could start growing inside, due to the large amount of moisture that's been allowed to sit and fester for days at a time.
In fact I'd recommend you have a look inside your holes to make sure mold hasn't already started growing.

I'd recommend you find some way to dry the inside of your holes. The method mentioned in this thread works well. But if you don't have time for that, even just your fingers and a normal cloth could do it:
* stick your finger in
* pull it out
* dry your finger on the cloth
* repeat

My theory is that moisture allows bacteria/mold/etc to survive. If there's no moisture, there's no problem. So I think it's very important.

I don't mean to be rude or harsh anything. Sorry if I came across like that. I'm just enthusiastic about this.

ID: 844dd No.403

Oh, I forgot to answer this:
>What bad things can happen to a person using a not-perfectly-clean onahole?

Not sure, but I remember reading stories from some guys who ended up with rashes on their dicks, pain while urinating, etc, after using dirty onaholes. So I guess some kind of dick infection.

ID: ec2e8 No.405

This is the person who had an infection

ID: d6ad7 No.437


Would regular microfiber cloths do the job just fine?

And another quick question with the microfiber cloths; Lately I've been realizing that mainly why the surface of my onaholes get so much lint and dirt is simply because everytime I wipe with the cloths, lint or w.e just seems to rub off into the onahole's surface skin. Maybe I'm cleaning wrong?

Normally, I wash, wipe, powder, and then wipe again. Should I not wipe after powdering? (However, because the onahole surface is wet and I wipe with it, lint is stuck on the surface unless I painstakingly remove it by wiping yet again). Any tips?

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