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I'm kind of stuck between buying either the Onaho Fairy, the Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan- or going all out and spending $150ish to get Custom Maid 3d with Ju-C air.

The Ju-C air is a "controller" that you insert a Ju-C onahole into, and it simulates the sex in the Custom Maid games…

It's so expensive, though, and I can't find any reviews of it. Anybody ever try it? The reason it piques my interest is that it has now gained the support of Oculus Rift, so you can fully engage in virtual reality sex!

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It's all in Japanese, but onahole.net did review Ju-C Air + Custom Maid 3D.


I did write some comments about the older 3D Custom Girl and Custom Maid 3D looking at their video demo: http://blog.onahole.eu/game-controlling-onahole-the-future-is-not-yet-now.html

Technically it's getting very interesting. AnonymousD's also keeping an eye on it ^^ http://boards.onahole.eu/b/res/28.html
But still: there's space for improvement, like adding more sensors to make the simulation more accurate (instead to have the game "jump" from shallow insertion to deep insertion).

Investing that much money I guess that's more a "2 years investment", but I think there will be new stuff until then. Wait and see, Google's opening a treasure box by developing the Google Glasses :)

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Sounds great!

Guess I'll take your advice and wait and see where this technology goes. I'll settle with a regular onaho for now, thanks for the help!

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